Kendrick Lamar ft. Young Jeezy – “Westside, Right On Time” (prod.: Canei Finch)
August 20
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As part of TDE Fam Appreciation Week, Kendrick follows the lead of his TDE and Black Hippy teammates and drops a new track. Kendrick has been riding high following the success of Section.80, the Dre cosign, signing to Aftermath and then the critical success of his singles “The Recipe” (featuring his label-head) and “Swimming Pools (Drank)”; and there does not seem to be any sign of him slowing down any time soon with this release.  With a more uplifting sound than “Swimming Pools”, compliments of Canei’s sample-heavy production style, Kendrick lays down some strong bars and keeps listeners wanting more as well as continuing to build anticipation for his Aftermath debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city. Check it out and look for the album, in stores Oct. 2nd.

Soundcloud Download: Kendrick Lamar ft. Young Jeezy – “Westside, Right On Time” (prod.: Canei Finch)

New Real Housewife of Atlanta Nicole Porche
June 5
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comments: 1 is reporting that the newest lady on The Real Housewives of Atlanta is Louisiana born actress and singer Nicole Porche. Porche is a 40 year old who will replace Sheree Whitfield on RHOA. Not much is known yet about Nicole, other than she acted in a movie called The Paperboy recently and before that has appeared in a handful of commercials and voice over work. According to her profile on she is a talented singer, dancer and actress who is 5 feet 1 inches tall. According to Nicole Porche has a net worth of $100,000! Not sure where all that money comes from. Porche has apparently been married and divorced a few times, so she probably walked a way with a little a bit of cash from them…

Anyways, who else is looking forward to the next season of RHOA? Should be interesting…

A$AP Rocky – “Pretty Flacko” (prod. Spaceghost Purrp)
January 3
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With this new track from the $3 million man, A$AP enlists the usual suspects, such as fellow up-and-comer, Spaceghost Purrp, to deliver the usual “dark, almost horror-core, production that makes the track bang hard but also captivates hip-hop heads around the world and gets their heads bobbin’ along. While his subject matter and lyrics are not exactly diverse or deep, he uses somewhat of a faster delivery that plays well into the beat. All-in-all a solid track, and one that may help answer the question on many peoples’ minds, “Can A$AP keep his momentum going into the new year?”. Check it

Download: A$AP Rocky – “Pretty Flacko” (prod. Spaceghost Purrp)

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ScHoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Blessed” (prod. Dave Free)
January 3
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Wow.  It’s been a minute, but we’re back here at B&B with a new year. To kick it off, here’s a new joint from the Top Dawg all-star and member of Black Hippy (along with Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar), ScHoolboy Q. Dave Free goes in on the boards and produces a sort of melancholy and somber yet eerily uplifting and soft beat that Q then kills, giving fans a good look at what to expect from his upcoming project Habits & Contradictions. His Black Hippy teammate, Kendrick Lamar, also hops on the track and, as always, kills it, showing he hasn’t slowed down from his monster 2011, which saw the release of his highly acclaimed Section.80. Look out for the track on Habits & Contradictions which drops on January 14th.

Download: ScHoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Blessed” (prod. Dave Free)

Wale ft. Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb” (prod.: Jerrin Howard)
October 7
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Since joining MMG, Wale’s lyrical content and style have noticeably changed, mainly due to the grittier beat patterns of MMG artists. However, while tracks like “Bait” (prod.: Tone P.) and “Tats On My Arm” (prod. by Southside, one half of 808 Mafia with Lex Luger) play into this new style, Wale comes back to his bread and butter with “Lotus Flower Bomb”, giving us a look back at the enlightened, witty, and softer Wale that gained heavy notoriety and rose to prominence in the game.  With production from Jerrin Howard, Wale is able to play down the heavy bass and frantic snare style we have all grown to be accustomed to from Rozay and his camp (Ughh!!). With a much calmer beat like previous releases “Beautiful Bliss” (off of Attention Deficit) and “The Break Up Song” (off of More About Nothing), and with the soulful vocals of Miguel delivering the hook, Wale is able to reminisce on a past romance and deliver it in a way that seems more heartfelt than aggressive (i.e. “Tats On My Arm”).  Whether moving to MMG was ultimately a good move for his skill-set and career remains to be seen, but it’s nice to see Wale hasn’t strayed too far from the crux of his artistic ideology. Buy his album, Ambition, on 11.1.11.

Download: Wale ft. Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb” (prod.: Jerrin Howard)

Shad – “Flawless”
August 2
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…..And we’re back in the game. It has been a minute since my last update but I have been wondering the worth of continuing the blog for sometime, so I have been getting to it when I feel like it instead of allotting 2 hours a day to doing it with few positive responses or comments over the 2+ years of our existence. Enough bitching (or actually being honest), here is Shad back with a new song off of The Real Frequency’s New North compilation effort and the dude continues to be one the most consistent and a favorite of mine. I was fortunate enough to see him a couple weeks ago at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and he only did a couple tracks, like most artists, which was disappointing but the lineup was so dope that it was easy to gloss over. Grab the download and streaming song below courtesy of HeroHill.

Download: Shad – “Flawless”

Gerald Walker – “Recluse” (prod.: RMB Justize)
July 13
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A buzz track for Gerald Walker’s upcoming mixtape, The Other Half of Letting Go, “Recluse” shows a mixture of new school and old school elements, a rising trend amongst many newcomers like, most recently, Kendrick Lamar. While it will not be featured on the tape, many believe it will be hard for Walker to top what the track has to offer. The track seems to appeal to a larger population due, for one, to its soft, ’90s pop  piano sound (old school) which mixes perfectly with a heavy bass-line (new school) that has been so common in recent years, mostly in southern trap music. Secondly, because his flow and lyrical content extend past the “money, cars, and hoes” braggadocio that we have become so accustomed to with younger rappers, he grabs a larger audience; but he still keeps close enough to the mainstream, especially when he does his best Drake impression with a mix between spitting and singing. The track is crazy. Check it out.

Download: Gerald Walker – “Recluse” (prod.: RMB Justize)

Darren Hanible – Higher Mixtape
July 2
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We told you this tape was coming and it still blindsided us here at B&B faster than we expected. We have been very supportive of Darren for a few years now (and vice versa) and with each passing tape it gets more fun to see how he has evolved as an artist while still staying a cool ass person. I feel like a broken record saying that this is his best work to date, since I say it for almost every one, but that should speak volumes to his drive and refusing to allow his career and talent to stagnate. Go below the break and give the tape a listen and support indie artists who are on their grind and positively contributing to this way of life we call hip-hop. Both the download and streaming link are below. Read the rest of this entry »

Kendrick Lamar – “Hol’ Up” (prod. Soundwave)
June 28
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I had the pleasure of seeing Kendrick in Brooklyn about 2 weeks ago with Corey (Mr. B&B himself); and he killed it.  He knew how to get the crowd hype and ran through a great set.  Unfortunately, the concert came pre-#Section 80 announcement so we didn’t get to here “Ronald Reagan” or “Hol’ Up”, his newest release off of his upcoming debut on Top Dawg (TDE).  Running off of great production from Soundwave, Kendrick displays an enlightened and old-school flow while still retaining his hand in the streets through his lyrics and adhering to the ear of the more casual, common hip-hop listener of  today.  On top of Dr. Dre’s co-sign, XXL had it right when they named Lamar as a 2011 Freshman of the Year, along with the likes of Mac Miller, Big K.R.I.T., Diggy, YelaWolf & Meek Mill, to name a few. Look for big things from the “next” Compton all-star in 2011. Also check out Kendrick’s TDE label-mate, and fellow west-coast beast, Jay Rock who recently dropped “Hood Gone Love It” (featuring Lamar) off of his much anticipated and oft-delayed debut, Follow Me Home.

Download: Kendrick Lamar – “Hol’ Up” (prod. Soundwave)

Download: Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Hood Gone Love It” (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

Big Sean ft. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash – “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay”
June 16
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With just two weeks left before the drop of one of the most highly anticipated albums in the past five years (but still not Detoxlevel…wtf), Finally Famous, I feel its our job at B&B to get you all hype.  While I initially thought that the material released on Finally Famous, Vol.1 (one of the better mixtapes, I feel, in recent history) was enough to be a legitimate and commercially successful album (especially compared to its successors, Volumes 2+3), I guess Sean wasn’t feelin it; but with major teasers like “Getcha Some” and “What U Doin”, I think people were gettin a little tired of the wait.  Although once “My Last” and “I Do It” (which I am not the biggest fan of but whatever) hit the airwaves, Finally Famous was in full-effect; and with releases like “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay”, people can look forward to a quality product, much like the material on Volume 1.  Read the rest of this entry »