Shad – TSOL (Stream)
May 26
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Shad has risen the ranks of being one of my favorite rappers and the London, Ontario native just released his new one called T.S.O.L. yesterday. I haven’t made my way through the whole album yet but the first few songs and the single “Yaa I Get It” have all been good listens and it seems like he has picked up right where he left off with The Old Prince. We also got the audio for his recent interview with DJ Hyphen which he breaks down his inspiration for the album and specifically the single “Yaa I Get It” and talks about some upcoming shows too. There is some debate when the album will physically release in the U.S. and on iTunes but in the meantime you can grab it for pre-order at Maple Music and Amazon (for a lot more and shipping later) now. If you can’t wait for it to ship you can drop over to Spinner and stream the album for free now and get Shad’s breakdown of each song with the interview below the break.

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Drake & The Roots Tracklistings x Drake – “9 AM In Dallas”
May 20
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With TML dropping on the 15th,  How I Got Over on the 22nd, June is shaping up to be a fine month for albums. And with Eminem, Blu, Shad, Lupe and others all planning to release albums by year’s end, if you don’t cop at least one CD this year, then there is definitely something wrong with you. After the break are the tracklistings for both albums, with features stated. I’m probably not the only one who feels a bit disappointed that How I Got Over will only be 9 tracks long, but anything new from the house of ?uest and Thought is alright with me. EDIT: ?uestlove cleared things up and said that this will actually be The Roots’ 11th album, and as such there will be 11 tracks (tracklist updated after the jump). Technically, this will be the 9th album from the Legendary Roots Crew to feature new material, but when you count their ’99 live CD and their 2-volume compilation set, then How I Got Over would indeed be number eleven.

 Also after the jump, grab Drake’s “9 AM In Dallas”, which he wrote today at, well, 9 AM in Dallas. I don’t feel like writing another Drake post, which is why I’m just shoving it into this post. Jimmy shut it down on this one, so check it out.

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Lupe Fiasco’s ADD: New Album Plans
April 25
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lupe fiasco mic

A message to all rappers: just because you have accounts on Twitter, and Tumblr, and Facebook and everything else, that doesn’t mean we absolutely need to know every idea that  pops into your head. Case in point, Wasalu over here. Every time he thinks of album plans, he blurts them out before they ever finalize. If you haven’t been following Lupe’s post-The Cool saga, here’s a condensed version:

  • On the last track of The Cool, he announces LupE.N.D. and says he’ll be calling it quits after that.
  • LupE.N.D. gets postponed, then is reannounced as a triple album, then is “postponed indefinitely” (i.e. cancelled).
  • Somewhere along the way, he lets us know of his plans to drop an album titled The Great American Rap Album. That gets scrapped.
  • LASERS gets announced. Two singles drop and a bunch of tracks off it get performed live. Lupe goes on a tour called Steppin Laser.

So now that you’re up to speed, guess what just happened. Yeah, new plans. Via Twitter, Lupe writes, “Writing ‘The Great American Rap Album’ While Touring America…”. I don’t know if it’s just LASERS under a different name, or another album in itself, or if LASERS is being scrapped. All I know is that, in the words of Colonel Stinkmeaner, “this some ol’ bullshit”. This album could go untitled for all I care – I just want some new music. Big ups to Mike G for this.

Ghettosocks – “Out For Treats” (Video)
April 17
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With the Junos being in St. John’s, Newfoundland this weekend, it’s only right I put up some good old Maritimes music. Ghettosocks hails from Nova Scotia and has been on the scene for a good minute now. Although he looks too dorky to run with the cool kids, he’s got a confident flow, smoothness, and funny wit to him that sets him apart and makes his songs addicting. “Out For Treats” is off of Socks’ latest album, Treat Of The Day, which can be ordered from his website. “Out For Treats” rides the story-telling niche nicely and dwells on the love we all got for food. I’d like to add props for the choice of video girl. Most hip-hop videos view sexiness in a one-dimensional way, but the chick here is bad in her own right. Download links after the jump.

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Shad – New Album: “TSOL” x Tracklist x Tour Dates x “Yaa I Get It” Teaser
April 8
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The worst downside to still being a student is that some weeks, I get so swamped with ass loads of work that I miss out on new music and music news. After catching up with three days worth of feeds, I saw that Londoner (Ontario, not the UK) Shad has begun his publicity campaign for his upcoming album, TSOL. So far, only Shad knows what those letters stand for, so don’t ask me. Above as you can see is the artwork, while after the jump you can find a tracklist, Canadian tour dates, and a teaser video for the single, “Yaa I Get It”. Once in a while, a Lupe or a Jay Electronica comes along to smash the new school lyrically. I have a strong feeling that Shad is one of those guys too. If you don’t believe me, check out his last album, The Old Prince, on iTunes. TSOL drops May 25.

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Little Brother – Leftback (Album Sampler)
March 23
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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Here at B&B I try to not post up album samplers/snippets or whatever you want to call these short album previews because it is hard to get an idea for an album by hearing a half verse from every song. Little Brother though isn’t like every other post and gets a pass for their final album called Leftback because of how much I am anticipating it. It is sad that this will be their last album but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be anxiously awaiting the new release when it sounds as dope as this. LB is a group that if you’re a hip-hop head should appeal to you and if you aren’t feeling this album then you may need to check your pulse. Shouts to Okayplayer for this and grab the download link for the stream and tracklist below the break.

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Broken Bells Album Stream
March 15
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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I haven’t had the chance to stream the whole album but if it is as good as the songs I have heard so far then we are all in for a real treat. The self-titled debut collaboration between Danger Mouse and Shins lead singer James Mercer has been critically acclaimed from all the reviews I have read and it would be hard to see it disappointing us. The songs I have heard so far have a unique sound with a folksy, rock feel but with some electronic elements added to the mix. The song above is called “The High Road” and is their first single and epitomizes their sound and if you are into it you can buy the album now. Get the stream link below the break.

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Gorillaz – “Plastic Beach” Review
March 10
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What started as a side project by Damon Albarn of Blur grew into something bigger and stranger than many would have predicted. Few bands from this century have been able to connect so well with such a broad variety of music fans as Gorillaz. The irony of it is that it took a band of demented and often bleak cartoon characters to prove that authentic, creative, and thought-provoking music could still be considered popular fare. Yet even their stand-by fans will find Plastic Beach to be oddly bold. This is not an album that can be fully appreciated on its first listen. By the end of the last track, you’re left feeling less satisfied and more curious than you thought you would. So what do you do? Give in to curiosity and take another stab at Plastic Beach – now that you’ve been more or less prepped, you can relish the experience this album has to offer.

[continuation and final verdict after the jump]

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Gorillaz – Plastic Beach Album Stream x “Stylo” ft. Mos Def (Video)
March 2
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The Gorillaz are coming at us with more material than I can keep up with at the moment. Early yesterday their upcoming album Plastic Beach became available for free streaming (if you can take not being able to skip) and they dropped the video for their single “Stylo” which features Mos Def and Bruce Willis in the video. I am getting through the album as we speak and it is a complete piece in terms of concept with the “Orchestral Intro” and giving you the complete audio tour of Plastic Beach. Before this project I wasn’t much of a fan but they have been flawless with this album. Grab the link for the video (all that was available to all blogs) and album stream link below the break.

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Weekend Sweep
February 27
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vancouver gold medal

There are too many posts I wanted to make this weekend and not enough time, so for the sake of convenience, I’ll just throw it all up in one go. By the way, if you’re into hockey or just want something good to watch tomorrow, check out the gold medal game between the Canadian and the American men’s teams. If Canada wins, then we’ll hold the record for most gold medals won at a Winter Olympic Games. No pressure.

Kid Cudi – “Know Why” (unreleased Cudi from 2008). I’m feeling the chill vibe on this.

Ludacris – “Mind Freak” feat. Criss Angel (jokingly, not seriously). A nice little banger that’s supposedly an unused cut from Theater Of The Mind.

Mos Def – “Auditorium” feat. Slick Rick – fan video. The anime theme does justice to my favorite track off The Ecstatic.

Inspectah Deck, B.o.B., Gorillaz, and Jay Electronica after the jump.

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