Deadstock Sneaker Convention: DMV Cypher (Video)
April 28
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This past Sunday I got to attend the Deadstock sneaker convention and see some DMV and NYC artists perform so I grabbed my friend’s camera to tape part of it (shouts to JM). After some confusion and some artists not getting to do their sets, they let the artists do a 10 minute cypher passing the mic around but thanks to some editing I have narrowed it down to the artists I knew haha. Lyriciss, Nando, Emperess, Cayan and Pro’Verb all get on the mic and spit some great lines over instrumentals like “Shook Ones Pt. II” and “Lark On My Go-Kart”. Despite the craziness, it was a good event, everyone got to see some cool sneakers, some great performances (of the artists that had sets that I got to see, I was digging Cause and Emilio Rojas) and meet cool people. Sorry about the audio, but only had a picture camera (instead of a video camera) recording but it still is pretty good.

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joe said:

i dont think this video was shot at Deadstock… maybe got the files mixed up?