Eminem – “3 AM”
April 23
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New single from Slim Shady dropped today and it is…disappointing. It wasn’t going to take much to beat his last single  but I still was expecting more from Em. The song is about Em being a killer and blacking out and killing people, only Eminem can rap about this type of stuff and have it be a single hahaha. How is everyone else feeling about it? I don’t know, it seems to me like he is trying too hard ot be the old Eminem and it just isn’t working out, but maybe I am being too critical of him since his first 3 major label albums were all classics to me.

UPDATE: See the “3 AM” video trailer and Relapse tracklist HERE!

UPDATE: See full “3AM” video HERE!

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justin said:

Im a huge Em fan and I was very disappointed with We Made You. This new song 3 am lyrically is very good. the content, little humor and rhyme scheme is kind of the like the good old days of MMLP. The one this that kills this song is the accent. I dont no if he thinks this sounds good, or this is just the way he raps now. its not bad, not amazing. its good. i think we all judge him way to hard b/c his previous work was so good. This is way better then we made you so lets be happy. Shadys back

Toronto said:

i agree with justin about the accent. it doesn’t help the song at all. like it’s a song that has a sound and lyrical content that feels like it will grow on you over time, but the accent (especially on the hook) is gonna make this a hard track for me to return to.
all this said, i can’t wait to see what he’ll do for this for the music video haha

Shady Killa said:

His new found accent is amazing and I really hope he fuckin sticks with it and not listen to these fuckers who say shit about it. He can rap however the fuck he wants to rap. He is Slim Shady for christ’s sake! Even if he wasn’t Slim Shady the accent still is really nice. SO FUCK THESE DAMN HATERS WHO ARE SAYING SHIT ABOUT HIS VOICE. “We Made You” WAS GREAT. “Crack A Bottle” WAS NICE. “3 AM” WAS AMAZING! I just can’t wait for his fuckin album and hopefully idiots like you bitches just wont buy his album cuz he decided TO FUCKIN SWITCH THE SOUND OF HIS VOICE. IF YOU WERE REALLY FUCKIN FANS YOU WOULDN’T CARE AND BESIDES THE LYRICS, RHYMES, FLOW, AND JOKES ARE ALL THAT MATTER IN SLIM SHADY’S MUSIC. SO FUCK YOU BITCHES FOREVER. BY THE WAY SLIM SHADY YO’ VOICE IS GREAT AND FUCK THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T THINK SO!


WOW this track 3 AM is a fuckin beast. holy shit . the beat, the lyrics the concept, just as a fan of em and rap this is what em needs to put out, if u dont like this, then you dont like em of the shit hip hop out now has fucked up your tase of good original hip hop. this shit is classic like stan or the way iam.

PISS said:

I thought the last two singles were better. We made you was the best of the three. Eminem’s verse in crack a bottle was sick. But this song…it wasn’t nearly what expect from him. this is bullshit. It beats most other rappers out there but it’s shit for what em can do. I’m a bigtime fan and I can honestly say that other than the lyrics, this single sucks ass.

Hamadi Smith said:

the sound was good. have to see the video before anything else is said by me. one more thing, seem like Hannah Montana has joined the diss list from em. I am glad. i hate that Bitch.

Jim Steffensmeier said:

This is a very entertaining song and it showcases Marshall’s ability to capture you lyrically, creating a mental image and masterpeice…so much so that you don’t need a video to enjoy it. My only criticism of this new song would be that right now our country is in a volitale state and the number of shootings and mass murders is on the rise. The last thing we need is for artist to embellish mass acts of violence and make it look like an acceptable response. Marshall and his producers may be giving dumb America a little too much credit–people might actually not realize that he would never be a serial killer and doesn’t condone it. All I am saying is that sometimes…people think this stuff is real.

Boboo said:

People dont understand that his new accent is infact the most genius improvment he could have done. He does not only show people how far ahead is from all others rappers he shows an entirely improved Slim. He rapps better than the whole industry with that accent. Come on if any one really like Eminem then they should realise, that he is trying to delivier as much repulsive shit he can for his finall work. He is just the craziest lyricist ever and just watch how he can change atmosphere.

Red One said:

To those who complain about this album being violent, I have a simple explanation to you. The violence isn’t going to disappear by ignoring it, this doesn’t promote it, it merely points out very clearly to anyone who tries to ‘imagine’ he’s living in heaven that that is not the case, that there is a problem and it needs to be solved. And the accent, if you don’t know what rap is all about, then obviously you don’t need to bother. But if you do, then you know rap is about complaining, it’s means to an end, you are living in a fucked up reality and all you can do is complain about it, spit your guts out and clearly show how much you dispise it. If the lyrics promoted violence, Eminem would be in Jail for murder. The irony of it all, i.e. the accent, plus the way he points out how easy it is to turn homicidal, tries to approach the whole problem from a different angle. You can’t stop violence by putting people behind bars, you stop violence by making sure that the environment does not encourage it. Put yourself in the shoes of whoever Eminem has put himself in the shoes of: the homicidal killer. Do you really think that you actually have a choice when your whole life is fucked up, when you have been through so much pain that you can’t even consider it to be a real thing, that to you it’s just a game, a game that others actually enjoy, in a world where no one really cares and no one dares say anything? It takes about 30 seconds of thinking back at fucked up memories for someone to snap and go on a killing spree. And how would you rationlize with them? Justice? Goodness? Forgiveness? Equality? Heaven? He’s been through hell and back and you can’t even scare him because he’s been through so much pain he doesn’t even care anymore. Remember Tupac Shakur anybody? Anybody? Well Eminem is the new Tupac. He’s all about Thug Life. Listen to songs like Blasphemy, the Uppercut, Crooked Nigga Too, God Bless the Dead, Only God Can Judge me, … And tell me if Tupac was trying to get people to understand that he’s a murderer, or for people to understand that murderers are people JUST like that who just couldn’t take it any more, who just said ‘Fuck the world and the price tag on it’. Because it’s just a second away from happening to millions of people on this planet: they have a choice between shutting up, taking it up the ass, living on in a hopeless world where they have about as much chance of escaping the pain and getting what they want as a light bulb has of turning itself off. You picture yourself as a lightbulb, and tell me if you enjoy it.

Red One said:

Just to explain even further how this can happen. You’re driving down the street in your SUV and some ‘fucked up’ guy asks to wipe your windshield. You chase them away, and turn and kiss your girlfriend. You say he’s just a bum who doesn’t want to work for a living. He’s saying that motherfucking lucky son of a bitch. Or, I’m going to kill that son of a bitch. There is a problem on this planet. There are so many people who have zip chance of becoming anything other than a bum on the street. You snooze, you lose. For some, you lose for merely being born. In a trailer park. Or in a third world country. Or in jail. Or to drug addict parents. Or to a prostitute mother. And then society just looks down on you and you have to literally sell yourself to ‘survive’. Nothing fancy by ‘survive': you sweat your ass off, or work the streets as a prostitute yourself, selling your body just to live. Others look at you as a nuisance, beat you down, oppress you, use the law to hassle you because in their eyes you’re nothing but trash. And you go through pain. Disappointment. Hatred. Racism… Until one moment you snap. But nobody is stupid, ‘I’m going out blasting taking my enemies with me, and if not they’re scarred so they will never forget me, lord forgive me this hennessy got me not knowing how to act, I’m falling and I can’t turn back’ ( Mobb Deep, Survival of the fittest ). That, ladies and Gentelmen is what Rap is all about. So many people on this planet think this is all normal and there is no need for alarm but there are so many people on the virge of snapping that any day, any time, it’s a worldwide revolution just waiting to happen. And if it doesn’t, then it’s a trillion micro revolutions happening every single day in the shopping mall, church, school, streets, where someone just says fuck it and goes out shooting. It’s the law of nature, you can’t live in a jungle and expect not to be eaten. Not unless you’re a lion, but even lions are in trouble when the food runs out.
That, is what Eminem is trying to pass accross, what Tupac was trying to pass accross, what RAP is ALL about: the world is fucked up people, look, DO something about it, or shut the fuck up when I come at you with a gat because I’ll be too pissed then to have any fucking mercy on you. Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you. But there’s an expiry date on that offer because you can’t expect not to help others and figure out that they’ll just vanish into thin air. They’re people, they feel, they’re suffering, and sooner or later they will explain to you that it’s your fault because you chose to ignore the problem simply because you are not affected by it. By joining the system and not the oppressed you actually are contibuting to the problem, and anyways, it’s YOU these people see as enemies because who can they touch? The president? Not really, you’re the one who they can ‘access’, and you’re just as much a part of the problem because you do nothing about presidents and a government that directly hurts them simply because it doesn’t hurt you too. Either we heal as a group, or we die as individuals.

Red One said:

Anyways, if Eminem, with the lyrics, with the music, with his metaphorical interpretation of the issue, and his fanbase, can’t get through to you, then obviously you’re too comfortable to even consider the problem. You’re just living, You don’t care, You don’t believe in Hell.
Hell is here, on earth, for some of us. And for the rest, it’s just about a matter of time.
Yes, Yes, Yes, ‘I’ll be dead by then’.
Maybe not. Has anybody looked at you with the corner of his retina lately? :)