Eminem Teaches Jimmy Kimmel How To Rap (Full Video)
June 5
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After admitting Sacha Baron Cohen’s ass in his face was a planned skit at the MTV Movie Awards, Eminem does a skit for Jimmy Kimmel’s show where he teaches him how to rap. The segment is pretty funny and it looks to me like Eminem is trying to remind everyone that he wants to get back into acting again. I know the Compton part was in the preview but it still was my favorite part of the whole video and had me laughing even when I knew it was coming. The late night television shows have really been on fire recently with the addition of The Roots on Jimmy Fallon and with Conan starting out with hilarious skits the first few days into his run. Is Eminem going to stay in the spotlight the whole time until Relapse 2 drops later in the year? It would be nice after his long absence from the game before Relapse.

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