Kanye West – Acapella Verses x “Good Ass Job” No Longer Album Title
July 28
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I’ve been posting very sporadically as of late and that’s been because of a summer course I’ve been taking (music composition…I’ve been doing it for a while now but any new experience is a good one). The only thing that matters here though is that I have some catching up to do so let’s get down to it. This post is essentially the one-stop shop for all things Kanye-related that happened in roughly the last 24 hours. That might not seem like much but within a day, he previewed verses off of his new album at a Facebook conference and a Twitter conference and they’re big ones. Even though they were previewed acapella, they still sound fiery, especially the verse he spit from “Chain Heavy” (in the video above). Mr. West also got himself a Twitter account – a future source of many intriguing comments no doubt – and promptly announced that Good Ass Job as a title was no more. So all in all, some great news from the source of G.O.O.D. Music. Remainder of the videos after the jump.

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Corey said:

I have a feeling the new album is going to be fire and anyone who reads this site knows I trashed 808s (a position I still hold except for a couple songs) but this album is a return to rapping and he is doing it in a big way.

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