Please Forgive Me AutoTune… (Mixtape)
March 30
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Here is another mix of all the songs that follow the theme of AutoTune and synthesizers. I named it Please Forgive Me AutoTune… because I was on the anti-AutoTune bandwagon when it first started being used but it has slowly grown on me. I also was not feeling almost everything Kanye did on 808’s & Heartbreak and still am not feeling it but think I have come along way from when all I used to do is hate on it. As you can see many artists get multiple tracks on this mix because of their love of it, like Kanye, S-Preme and Colin Munroe. I tried to include as little T-Pain as possible because honestly I could just stick his whole album up and it wouldn’t matter haha, but he only gets two features on this mix. Colin Munroe is by far the most innovative with his use and go figure that someone who can actually SING only uses it to add something different to his songs and not as the basis for his tracks. So enjoy the love/hate that spews forth from this mix but I’m sure no matter what you initially think you will eventually be bumpin this mix everywhere and loving it. Click the break for the tracklist and download link. Enjoy!

EDIT: I know this isn’t a mixtape and is more of a playlist of songs that I listen to but it is the only word that could get the point across that this is a group of songs to be downloaded and listened to together.

Download: Beats & Bombs – Please Forgive Me Autotune…


1. Kanye West ft. T-Pain & S-Preme – “Flight School” (Remix)

2. Drake ft. Lykke Li – “Little Bit”

3. Colin Munroe ft. Joell Ortiz – “Piano Lessons”

4. Darren Hanible – “Cold As Ice”

5. DJ Class – “I’m the Ish”

6. A.B. the Producer ft. Young Marley – “Stussy On My Back”

7. Bobby Ray (B.o.B) – “Generation Lost”

8. Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo – “Knock You Down”

9. Kid Cudi – “The Sky Might Fall”

10. S-Preme ft. Mr. Music – “Super Futuristical”

11. The Dream ft. Kanye – “Walking on the Moon”

12. Maino ft. T- Pain – “All The Above”

13. Colin Munroe ft. 88-Keys – “Last Cause” (88-Keys Cause N’ Effect Remix)

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mbbbb said:

when i try to unzip the file it says its password protected…anyone else get this?

Corey said:

Hey sorry for the inconvenience with this album, on most computers no password is needed but some of them won’t let you access it and since I never entered any password during uploading I am not even sure what it could be.

I would try all the links in the Sharebee link and if that doesn’t work then please contact me with your email at and I will ensure I get the zip to you securely over email.

MBBB I already hit your email with the zip.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience, I will fix this by my next mixtape.