Beck ft. St. Vincent, Liars & Os Mutantes – “Never Tear Us Apart” (INXS Cover)(Video)
June 3
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Time to take a little bit of a different spin for B&B and post some Beck. I recently saw a question that asked a blogger if his site was about hip-hop or just stuff he likes and that is fair question. For B&B, I think we focus predominantly on hip-hop but also try to filter down the other genres we listen to because we like them and hope you do too. With that said, this song has been floating around the music sites the past few weeks and over the weekend was my first opportunity to check it out and it is impressive. I never thought I would like an INXS song but this one is well written and has a 60’s sound to it that reminds me of Pearl Jam covering “Last Kiss” in the late 90’s. Beck himself only plays guitar while Annie Clark of St. Vincent takes over the vocals with her voice which is reminiscent of Norah Jones. Check the song out for yourself and if you’re feeling it Beck has been posting a lot of these videos online for you to check out here, enjoy!

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