Drake – “Over” (Video)
April 12
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Visually, this song is decent with all the scenes going on at once while he sits on the bed and the other shots all utilize some sort of effect which kept me interested throughout the video. I am a big fan of Drake and think most of the hate is unwarranted jealousy but the shots of him in this video are cheesy to me. He looks like he is overacting and trying to go hard with his lip syncing and even the way he looks into the camera. Hopefully, this is a one time thing for me and maybe it will change the more I watch it, but I was expecting more although I am not nearly as disappointed as “The Best I Ever Had” debacle haha. Or maybe I should stick to the music and start ignoring the videos for my own sake.

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Erin said:

I agree… kinda cheesy. He should’ve just shown shots of the 2010-2011 redskins… that’s what i always think when i hear this song… “…who tha f are yall?”

Corey said:

LOL, and last year’s whole O line for the Skins. *Sigh* We can’t get much worse right?