M.I.A. – “Born Free” (Video)(NSFW)
April 26
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Well I can’t watch this video until I get home for the reasons quoted below but this has to go up now.

This is most certainly Not Safe For Work: nudity, graphic violence and foul language. It is also Not Safe For The Easily Disturbed. French director Romain Gavras turned “Born Free” into his own take a statement on the arbitary nature of ethnic profiling with a tension that would make his father proud. Watch above or over at MIA UK.

Arizona lawmakers should be forced to watch this if there is a message about racial profiling in it. Get the tracklist for her upcoming self-titled album below the break.

01 The Message
02 Born Free
03 Meds and Feds
04 Lovealot
05 Tequila
06 It Is What It Is
08 Tell Me Why
09 Story Told
10 Space

Shouts to The Fader for the the quote.

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Brian said:

As a red head I find this very disturbing.