MIA – “XXXO” x “Illy Girl” (Videos)
August 11
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I hope you’re ready to go on a Bollywood acid trip because that is what this video contains when you watch it. This very well could be the cheapest to produce Hype Williams video to date too with the cheap effects going for the kitschy look instead of the highly stylized vids he has been known to make in the past. As for this song and album, I am disappointed with MIA. I have tried my best to like the album because of MIA’s prior work but it isn’t doing it for me. I can see this song getting radio play due to it’s pop sound but it isn’t a listen over and over again track and none on the new records are either. MIA’s purposefully controversial and ignorant viewpoints also don’t help her cause with the new album flopping but I guess at least her name is in the news. As I type this a new MIA video is also hitting the web and it is dizzying and also not so good to say the least. Grab the new one, “Illy Girl”, below the break.

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