Michael Jackson ft. Akon – “Hold My Hand”
December 9
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The King of Pop is back with a new song and video which features Akon and a bunch of little kids grooving to the music. I am typically skeptical of these collaborations with the new artists (and this is why you haven’t seen many of these leaks up here) but the last time these two collaborated the song was pure fire so I had to check this one out too. The video is well done and shows a lot of children dancing to the music and has closeups of them, Akon and old clips of Michael dancing which had me smiling. I was always a fan of MJ, but not to the extent of some of his hardcore ones, and it always amazes me how much better he is than almost everyone at breaking it down and how I miss the entertainment aspect of his performances almost as much as his actual songs. MJ’s “new” album titled Michael due out December 14th.

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