Shad – “The Calling” (Video)
October 26
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Since Felipe joined our team and reps Canadian hip-hop to the fullest with his posts I haven’t had the opportunity to cover the scene in a while but I am glad I get the chance to post Shad’s new video. Shad is someone that I only recently discovered but I already got his last album and I have to say he is one of my favorites to listen to at the moment. He has a smooth, chill style, always has great content to his rhymes and lyrically is very gifted, I think that is about the best compliment I can give to any of the rappers I put up here. The video for “The Calling” matches his cool demeanor and is a real video without the need to go over the top with effects. I’m not sure the placement for this song but I can only hope it means that he has a new project on the way. According to ingz in the comment section this song is from Danny Digg’s Introducing EP and it also features Jermiside & Destruments.

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ingz said:

Rediculous song… it dozens of times a week….its off the album INTRODUCTION by danny diggs, only a few track on the album but you all should check it out ( akrobatic got a dope song on it) love the video, never knew there was one, big ups B/AND/B

ingz said:

ps “jermiside” (mighta spelt that wrong) is another underrated emcee and hope some ppl check him out, hes on this song.