T.I. ft. Mary J. Blige – “Remember Me” (Video)
July 14
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I actually really like this song but do not like the reason why T.I. recorded it. Yeah, I get it you’re going jail, but really I feel no sympathy for him. Sorry, I don’t think the man was out to get this rapper but more that he was an idiot for building up an arsenal and getting caught. I don’t think anyone will forget him anytime soon during his year (probably far less, infer what you will) sentence, but I will not start missing him in the least bit because honestly a year is shorter than it took for him to drop back to back albums and we have been flooded already with mixtape tracks. I don’t think it is a publicity stunt but I don’t like how they turned it in to one. I just hope his next album isn’t all about this crap but I have a bad feeling it certainly will be.

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