Throwback Jam of the Week – Melle Mel “White Lines”
October 22
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Sorry for the poor quality of these videos but thats what get when you go back over 20 years in the archives. What can I say about this record, well let’s start with where I heard it first. This is one of those records that I know I had heard numerous times before I even knew what the name or the message was about. I just knew it as a party record that I had heard some DJs spin before. When I heard this song sampled in other contemporary songs though is when I decided to look up the name of the group and song. It was probably that LL Cool J’s “Phenomenom” that was the last straw, although it’s possible I heard it before then.

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Not too shockingly to me, when I researched the track it was done by Melle Mel (although I initially heard Grandmaster Flash, something that I hear is common) and the name was “White Lines (Don’t Do It)”. This made me laugh and I immeadiately thought that it was the opposite of the Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love”. The irony of having a party song be an anti-drug song haha. But it was definitely progressive for its time, putting in the forefront the issue of cocaine and how it affects people and discouraging people from doing it. Anyways this is not a song to just breeze over as I initially did, so please pay attention to the message despite how easy it is to get lost in the beat and melody. Oh and at over 7 minutes long I can see why DJs loved it, they could go the bathroom and take a smoke break and get back before this song was over haha. Enjoy!

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