7 Moments When Rappers Just Didn’t Give a Fuck
September 17
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Whether it’s because they’re rich enough to not care what people think or because they are just so badass that the normal lines of behavior don’t exist for them, no matter the reason the fact is some of the biggest names in hip-hop just don’t give a fuck. It’s true that guys like Eminem, ODB, and Public Enemy probably belong on this list but the artists we’ve singled out don’t mind being themselves in public with a camera on them. That’s really what makes these guys the 7 rappers who just don’t give a fuck.

7. DMX Drops The F Bomb in Court

You can take the rapper out of the hood but sometimes you just can’t take the hood out the rapper. I would have to say that goes double for DMX. In the same time that he put out 6 hit albums he managed to get arrested for a litany of acts including drug possession, animal cruelty, reckless driving, driving without a license while possessing marijuana, parole violation and my personal favorite falsely identifying himself as an FBI agent during a parking lot robbery at JFK airport. Clearly DMX does not give a fuck that he is one of the biggest rappers in the game with millions of dollars in the bank (we assume) and legions of fans. The greatest thing about DMX is that even when he gets caught and has to impress a judge to win freedom he proceeds to drop the f bomb in front of an entire courtroom.

6. Puff Daddy Pisses For Millions of Youtube Fans

Last I heard, Puff Daddy is worth over $300 million. With that kind of cash he can and should do whatever he wants without caring what anyone says. Throw massive parties, pour out bottles of Crystal, complain to the world about the tragedy of rising fuel costs forcing you to skip the private jet and fly commercial. Even make a youtube video about how much you enjoy peeing. Cause he can’t stop, and he won’t stop.

5. Busta Rhymes Needs to Shit

Busta Rhymes Owns Stupid British Woman – Watch more free videos

Being a rap star comes with a price, you’re always in the public eye, everywhere you go people will demand you take a thousand pictures and sign autographs for hours. That sounds like it might be fun, except when you’ve been working all day and need to take a massive dump. That’s why I love Busta Rhymes. Most people would make up an excuse or pretend they didn’t hear the fans begging for attention…but not Busta. He confronts these winey bitches head on and makes them look absolutely stupid.

4. 50 Cent Busted Doing Coke

50 Cent Busted Doing Coke Backstage – Watch more free videos

You gotta admire the career of 50 cent. Not only is he a wildly successful rapper he’s also an actor and entrepreneur. In fact rapping isn’t his biggest source of income. Not too long ago 50 made a wise investment in his favorite drink Vitamin Water. When Coca Cola purchased Vitamin Water Fiddy took home a nice little $400 million profit. Not bad for a former crack slinger from Jamaica Queens. Clearly 50 doesn’t need to care what anyone thinks which is why he has no problem doing coke in plain sight of a camera crew that is just showing up for their scheduled interview.

3. Akon Abuses His Fans

Akon Is Gonna Get Sued – Watch more free videos

Akon Punches Chick Out At Concert – Watch more free videos

I think it may be possible that Akon’s star rose a little too fast. Less than two years ago no one had even heard of him and now it seems like he’s putting out a new collaboration every other day. Good for him, but someone needs to explain that he can’t go around punching audience members in the face and throwing them off the stages head first. But clearly he just doesn’t care and he may be doomed to become a convict again very soon.

2. Tupac Stars Huge Brawl In Casino

At the height of his popularity Tupac was the king of west coast rap, a talented actor and one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Apparently all that fame and success didn’t do much in the way of softening his hard roots. There are many legends of beat downs at the Death Row offices, some maybe even administered by Pac himself. So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Tupac was willing to start an all our melee in the middle of a casino after a Mike Tyson fight. Unfortunately three hours after this brawl Tupac was shot on the Las Vegas strip.

1. Kanye West vs George Bush


On the heels of the biggest natural disaster in America’s history hurricane Katrina, the whole country scrambled to provide support and other aid to New Orleans. People were also left wondering how so much tragedy and destruction was allowed to occur in the greatest country on earth. Some say we tried our best to warn people. Other’s blamed FEMA for not providing enough buses to evacuate the poorest of the poor. Kanye West used his platform on a national televised fundraiser to boldly blame someone else entirely, George Bush. Those infamous seven words “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” left his co-host Mike Myers completely stunned and speechless. It also solidified Kanye’s place on the top of our list of rap stars who honestly do no care what any one thinks. And why should he? Everything Kanye has touched in the last couple years has touched to gold, he is debatably one of the greatest producers and artists alive. It’s one thing to hate the president in private or to talk about it with friends at a party but to use a national platform to call the most powerful man in the free world a racist in front of 100 million viewers, that takes balls. For that he is clearly the top rap star who truly doesn’t give a fuck.

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BDubbs said:

I love Busta Rhymes for telling that annoying British woman to shut the hell up. Bus a bus!

The UK's Mos Def said:

Didnt kayne retract his statement like a little bitch after pressure from the record label?

Punk move, if your gonna say summin stick to it, you fucking yanks think u rule the whole world order!

Get over yourselves

Juyjuy said:

Hey kanye if black people were stealing and shown looting why you pissed? Its not about black people its about americans..

admin said:

How come when white people were shown on TV looting from stores they were labeled survivors and when they showed black people doing the same thing, trying to survive, they were labeled looters? Your right JuyJuy it was about Americans, both black and white, receiving equal aid in a time of dire need, but that didn’t happen.

alex said:

Kanye is an idiot.. they should have shot him and not Tupac. And fuck please let Busta take a shit! We all have been there before….. Let the man take a shit! and I loved the way Tucker didnt know what to say after Kanye said that Bush didnt like black poeple. Shit!! Kanye doesnt like black people so WTF????

Mr. Minky said:

Wow! That Kanye West is a genius! So eloquent and articulate! Finally a true spokesman to represent black people everywhere!

Friday Link Dump - Celebrity Secret Gossip said:

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Darryl said:

who keeps deleting the comments posted here!!! The truth is out there, and you can’t hide it forever!!!

Sick Funny Cool said:

[…] 7 Moments When Rappers Just Didn’t Give A Fuck (beatsandbombs) […]

USA BITCH! said:

Hey UK fuck head, Americans rule the world! By the way, if you gonna talk shit about America, you shouldn’t name yourself, The UKs Mos Def, he is American. (Fuck head)

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