D-Sisive – Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye Mixtape
March 14
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D-Sisive has slowly creeped into my playlist over the last year or so and this song is my favorite I have heard to date. This tape dropped about a month ago and the lack of fanfare on the net is troubling to me because he goes in on every track. Listen to the song “If…” above and you can’t tell me it isn’t one of the better tracks you have heard this year from a concept standpoint. Shouts to CityOnMyBack for the heads up and grab the download link below the break.

1. It Was Quiet In Guyana 02:10
2. No More Words 03:18
3. If… 03:27
4. Troy’s Bucket 03:34
5. Graffiti Wall 03:08
6. Morning In Barcelona 03:00
7. Russell Peters 02:58
8. Wannabe (feat. Pink Eyes of Fucked Up) 03:30
9. Rob Ford 03:40
10. Long Ago (feat. Muneshine) 02:45
11. Born To Die 03:05
12. The Gun (twenty ten) 03:47
13. Derek From Northcliffe 08:45
14. #1 Record (feat. Adam Bomb, cuts by Lil Jaz) 02:55
15. Stroumboulopoulos 03:21
16. If I Live To See Tomorrow (SigurRos:Hijacked) 04:42

Download: D-Sisive – Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye Mixtape

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