B&B Exclusive! Darren Hanible – “Mite Not Be”
September 23
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mitenot be

Well, if anyone cares the reason for my not posting the past day or so is that I spilled water on my computer and had to get a whole new one. Yes it sucks but fortunately to get me back in the swing of things we have Darren Hanible dropping an exclusive for us from his upcoming mixtape, here is what he had to say about it.

What’s up Beats And Bombs? Its D. Hanible back again with great news. After a long amount of talk of a new mixtape in the works I can finally say, Its on its way. The mixtape is called “Bliss”. The concept of this is feel good music. Everything about this mixtape makes you feel good. From the lyrics to the Daft Punk sound track. Thats right I’m trying to gain a great crossover following by using Daft Punk music as the ground work for each of the tracks on this mixtape. The first single released is entitled, “Mite Not Be”. This song is about..well I’ve talked enough. I hope you all love this song and download it and share it all of that. Also be on the look out for the mixtape. There is no set release date yet, but it will be coming very soon.

So there you have it, here is the first single from his Daft Punk inspired new tape!

Download: Darren Hanible – “Mite Not Be”

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