Freddie Gibbs – “National Anthem (F**k the World)”
September 3
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While major labels have been turned off by Gibbs’ straight gangsta mentality, Gibbs continues to stay true to what he initially set out to do, preach about growing up in poverty and educate about the still prevalent issues within impoverished communities (something XXL Magazine took note of when they named Gibbs to the ’10 Top Freshman list along with the likes of Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa).  With the release of his EP Str8 Killa, Freddie delivers hard gritty tracks that hit the heart of the listeners as well as the heart of the game.  The instrumental (mostly string) sample and hard snare and bass combine to create a slower beat that sets a fairly somber mood to the track.

Through the use of his hard past to show he can get through anything, Gibbs goes hard in on his haters and those who have doubted him/passed on him (major record labels and mainstream radio) throughout his young career.  He also presents major issues in ghetto America, from the high drug trade and addiction rate to the high percentage of underage, single parenthood and gang violence.  Freddie has a crazy flow and delivery which he uses to quickly transition from a slow to very quick delivery as the bar progresses and comes to a close, which creates the feel of reaching a climax leading into the hook.  While the track is probably not going to make its way onto mainstream radio anytime soon, listeners should know to never sleep on Freddie Gibbs because he is going to keep coming back and even harder with each trial and tribulation.

Download: Freddie Gibbs – “National Anthem (F**k the World)”

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