Freebass808 ft. Tabi Bonney – “Good Times” (Prod. Apple Juice Kid)
July 7
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I was just talking about Freebass808 the other day with somebody and then this little gem dropped in my lap.

Good Times is the first leak from Anatomy Magazine’s “The Great American Mixtape” available July 13 produced by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban. The mixtape incorporates highly visible rock music across the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that resonate well with American culture. The final product is a fresh and new interpretation of hip-hop music with re-evaluated soundscapes through envelope-pushing rock instrumentals. The mixtape features emcee talents such as Freebass 808, Aleon Craft, U-N-I and other return collaborators from previous Mick Boogie and Terry Urban projects. Instrumental appearances include American cultural icons such as Guns & Roses, The Beatles, Van Halen & Led Zeppelin and many others.

AJK goes nuts with the beat as you can see and this tape should be something to check out for all the blog heads out there. Shouts to Kevin Nottingham for the link and grab the download below the break.

Download: Freebass808 ft. Tabi Bonney – “Good Times” (Prod. Apple Juice Kid)

P.S. The zip has the song and artwork in it, there is no just mp3 download.

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