Get Busy Committee – “Opening Ceremony”
November 17
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Get Busy Committee is a name I’ve heard of in passing, but this is my first time giving them a shot. GBC is comprised of Apathy, Style of Beyond’s Ryu and Scoop DeVille (the producer behind Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock”). They are gearing up to release a new project, and “Opening Ceremony” looks to be the first taste of it. It sounds underground enough to sit beside the likes of Vast Aire with its off-pitch organ, and yet this is party music to the fullest. Listening to it again and looking at the artwork (which, by the way, is incredibly dope), I’m not sure if this is supposed to be taken solely at face value, but for now what I’m getting is that “Opening Ceremony” is a song to blast the life out of before a long night out.

Download: Get Busy Committee – “Opening Ceremony”

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