M.I.A. – “XXXO”
May 14
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We were temporarily down while this came out but it is something I wanted to post since her last video created quite the stir. This song sees MIA taking a drastically different turn from “Born Free” which is almost punk rock while “XXXO” has more of the teeny bopper vibe to it. By the looks of it this album is going to be all over the place in terms of genres and I got no problems with that. The album has been rumored to be titled ^^^Y^ for her name but there is also a rumor going around that it still hasn’t received a title. Since Rusko & Blaqstarr produced the song I am including Blaqstarr’s original demo below the break.

Download: M.I.A. – “XXXO” (Blaqstarr Version)

Shouts to PMA for the link!

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