S-Preme – “Spitfire”
November 17
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S-Preme stays ahead of the game with this mashup where he brings a heavy rock influence into “Spitfire”. Get used to it too, Preme will be spitting over all Prodigy beats for the his upcoming mixtape titled S-Prodigy and they specialize in aggressive electronic music. I don’t think a lot of rappers would have the determination to make a whole album of their up-tempo electro-rock beats but it adds a new element to this already talented spitter who spits so many witty bars that I don’t catch all of them on the first listen. Good news too, S-Prodigy now has a release date and is scheduled to hit the interwebs on December 1st…can’t wait.

Download: S-Preme – “Spitfire”

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