Tabi Bonney ft. Pusha T – “Make A Killin”
October 13
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Damnnnnn… Tabi goes in on this song and it could be the hardest joint he has released to date. I had no idea that his new album is coming out on Novemeber 23rd (and it should be called Fresh) and is the second of his trilogy of albums titled Dope, Fresh and the last one will be named Cool. He is one of my favorite artists in the DMV and I grab almost everything the dude puts out. Pusha adds another gangsta verse to his resume which has started to reach it’s biggest heights since signing with Kanye and GOOD Music although I know there are some Clipse Stans out there. In the meantime, check out Tabi’s first and latest mixtape called A Place Called Stardom which features my favorite song of his called “Nuthin’ But A Hero”.

Download: Tabi Bonney ft. Pusha T – “Make A Killin”

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That’s way the btesset answer so far!

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Happy early birthday! and next time we promise to stop, it was just such an awkward turn we saw you at haha