Tabi Bonney – “Nuthin’ But a Hero” (Video)
July 23
under: Songs
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Tabi finally gets around to some visuals for what is easily my favorite of his songs. Not only is Tabi a hip-hop artist but he also directs videos and has his own clothing line and I am always interested to see how he visualizes his own material. The video show Tabi biking around LA (with a guest shot of Murs) and him looking like Clark Kent on a bike while a kid in a field pretends to be a superhero. His videos are well shot and I like the fading in between shots and the originality behind the song and visuals. A Place Called Stardom, his first mixtape, has been out for a while so grab it by clicking on its name.

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Brittnee said:

He’s biking around D.C., not LA.

Corey said:

You’re absolutely right, my bad. Being from the DMV and having lived in DC for 4 years you would think I would’ve caught that.

Donte said:

Unbelievable how well-written and ifnrmoative this was.