Talib Kweli – “Cold Rain”
November 16
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As Talib Kweli gets ready to release Gutter Rainbows (please tell me that title is not set in stone) on January 25th, we get the first taste of what to expect from the project. On “Cold Rain”, Talib revisits the “I do it for…” concept, which I’m sure you’ve heard a dozen of times already. To be fair, he dominates these more sentimental concepts, and it isn’t as if Talib is a stranger by any extent to songs like these. “Cold Rain” is not a bad song – it’s just flat. Compare this to Talib’s verse on “Chain Heavy”, and you will notice how that lone sixteen is lyrically more dynamic than this entire song. When putting together a song like “Cold Rain”, it becomes trickier to not cross the line from subtle and simple to flat and unimpressionable, and it appears as if this falls into the latter. If you feel differently, grab the download link after the jump.

Download: Talib Kweli – “Cold Rain”

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