“We Are The World” Remake – Official Song & Video
February 13
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First things first, no matter how you feel about the song, this is still an important and necessary cause that we should all demonstrate some sympathy towards. Haiti was already a country approaching collapse, and this disaster served as a catalyst towards it. Having said that, if I was to be critical of this song from an objective point-of-view, I can’t let the cause influence my opinion. At best, this song is OK. Clocking in at around 7 to 8 minutes, your opinion is going to vary as the song progresses. The beginning was awkwardly put together, with its tinkly piano sitting under the Bieber opening and the rushed transitions from one artist to the next (no one had the time to let their line gain momentum).

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From that point on, the song went on an up-and-down ride, sometimes gaining good momentum but then quickly losing it several times due to poor sections.  Wyclef’s extreme vibrato is probably going to get bull praise for its “rawness”, but all it did was kill the mood.  The group rap section was rather tacky and felt more like an excuse to give the rappers a part. Surprisingly, Lil Wayne didn’t make a fool of himself with the sung part, thanks to the Autotune being kept to a tasteful mininum. As the song neared its end, Kanye and Will.i.am put down some bars, and they proved that this song could have a rap section without sounding forced.

Overall, it didn’t work for me due to the rushed switches between singers and the forced feel of some parts; however, due to the cause, the effort deserves to be applauded.

Purchase the song and donate towards Haiti relief here.

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