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Big Boi vs. The Black Keys – The Brothers of Chico Dusty (Mixtape)
December 23
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The Brothers of Chico Dusty (Big Boi vs. The Black Keys) by wick-it

Two of my favorite albums this year mashed on to an 8-track mixtape? Merry Christmas to me. Wick-It puts in the work to mix Brothers and Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty seamlessly. I’m often very skeptical about mash-ups since any kid with a Youtube account and Garageband can consider himself a “pro” nowadays, but this one gets the seal of approval for its mixing, balance, and mash-up selections. Most importantly, The Brothers of Chico Dusty does not sound forced at any point. Stream in full and download above. I highly suggest you download this as soon as you can, because you can be sure that most download links will be killed in a couple of days at most.

UPDATE: Shouts to Bateman in the comments section for the link to his official Mashville bandcamp page, where you can grab other works by Wick-It.

Big Boi – “You Ain’t No DJ” feat. Yelawolf (Video)
September 2
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Boi stop!! The 3 Stacks-produced “You Ain’t No DJ” gets the visual treatment it deserves. I still feel that Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty is the best rap album of this year, and if you’re still sleeping on it, it’s about time to wake up. With a beat that can only beat described as space-gutter, Big Boi’s Southern funk and Yelawolf’s choppy delivery take command of “You Ain’t No DJ” and turn it into one of the most memorable tracks of the album. The video itself has a great concept, with the shots of real life being edited to seem like it’s under the DJ’s control.

Big Boi – “Shutterbugg” on Jay Leno (Video)
July 9
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I don’t know why Def Jam isn’t milking this single for all its worth. Normally, I’d suggest to go get this artist’s album if you haven’t yet, but with critical acclaim like this, it should be self-evident. Metacritic is a great measure of the average verdict of most major reviewers, and with a metascore of 90, Sir Lucious Left Foot is now the most acclaimed album of the year (tied with accomplice Janelle Monae’s ArchAndroid). This performance shows off Patton’s talent as a live performer and demonstrates that the vocoder is still as awesome as it ever was. Watch the music video for “Shutterbugg” here.

Big Boi – “Mixtape For Dummies”
July 2
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Right on cue, Antwan drops his Mixtape For Dummies to get us in the mood for Sir Lucious Left Foot, which is finally dropping this coming Tuesday. It’s a mixtape of classic cuts, so nothing new to see here if you’re an avid Outkast fan. If you still yet have not acquainted yourself with Big Boi’s work, then this is as good a starting point as any. Download and tracklist after the jump.

By the way, big ups to my “plan B” team, Holland, on beating Brazil. Here’s to hoping that Robben & co. extend that 24 game winning streak!

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Big Boi – “Lookin’ For Ya” feat. Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown
June 7
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God, it’s good to hear 3 stacks again. As much as I’ve been praising Big Boi for a minute here, Andre 3000 is still and will always be Andre 3000. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Jive, though, this track might not end up on the album. I really don’t get Jive sometimes. First they shit on Clipse by not pushing Hell Hath No Fury as much as they could, even though “Grindin'” proved that they’re a bankable duo, but now someone there thinks it’s a good idea to eliminate all evidence of Andre Benjamin on Sir Lucious Left Foot. Maybe blog buzz will help the heads at Jive change their mind. Stream/download after the jump.

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Weekend Catch-Up
June 6
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I’m not a fan of these kind of multi-posts since it means not being able to give as  much attention to each song/piece of news, but this will save my ass time-wise so here you go.

 First order of business is some good news by way of Toronto singer/rapper/songwriter/producer, k-os. After several albums, he will be dropping his first mixtape, The Anchorman Mixtape, July 23rd. Word is the tape will be for the most part strictly spitting, and there will be a Drake collabo on it. Let’s hope this tape won’t go the way of Jay Electronica’s Act II or Ski Beatz’s 24 Hour Karate School. Spotted @ CityOnMyBack.

New music from Big Boi, Diggy, Cee-Lo and Wale after the jump.

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Big Boi – “Shutterbugg” (Video)
May 28
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This dropped either yesterday or the day before that, so pardon the late pass. After hearing the song and now seeing the video for “Shutterbugg”, I really can’t find anything negative to say about either thing. The beat just knocks with its spacey, trippy party vibe; Sir Lucious Left Foot shuts it down and brings his A-game from beginning to end, and the video is mad creative. It’s one of those music vids that doesn’t have a solid concept, but rather a bunch of complementing elements that pumps new life into the track. Again, I have to say that as someone who couldn’t stand Speakerboxxx, I’m pretty pumped for Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty, which is finally dropping July 6 (fingers crossed).

B.o.B – “Nothing On You” (Remix) feat. Big Boi
March 22
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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Keeping it Southern, B.o.B gets Sir Luscious Left Foot to jump on the official remix of his biggest song to date.  Although he’ll probably never reach the same legend status as 3 stacks, Big Boi is showing more and more that he can hold his own just fine. His verse on this remix is pretty much impeccable, and I know that’s seems very fanboyish to say but it’s true. Coming from someone who couldn’t stand Speakerboxxx, I never thought Big Boi would be able to win me over as much as he has. I just hope that his album does finally drop this year and get off of its Detox status.

Download: B.o.B – “Nothing On You” (Remix) feat. Big Boi

Big Boi – “Shine Blockas” feat. Gucci Mane (Music Video)
January 3
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If this video is playing choppy for you, try the youtube version after the jump.

This being yet another slow day, it’s only right we play a little catch-up. Before you skip this post for seeing Gucci Mane in the header, hold up because this is actually really good. For those who don’t know, this song is off of the ever-elusive Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, which might finally drop in the next four months (fingers crossed). With the exception of the freestyle in the Wal-Mart, this video is pretty standard, but its that simplicity that gets you to focus on the song and realize how well Big Boi’s flow rides over the beat. Gucci, who surprised me by really delivering on this, is of course M.I.A. being in jail and all. Shouts to RR.

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Weekly RAP up
September 26
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Enjoy the debate and the weekend kiddos…

The best of the best of the past week….

David Letterman goes off on McCain (Letterman attacks!)

Devin the Dude – High Yall Doin Ep. 5 (THE DUDE)

10 Best Beatboxers of Alltime (MouthMusicMen)

Kanye Pushes up Album Release (808 MR WEST)

Crooked I – Swagger like Crook (The Block Obama)


Kanye West Love Lockdown REMIX (Catharsis Remix) (The Rap Up)

Nelly declares Ashanti his good good (Str8nyc)


Big Boi Battles Ben Bernanke In Blender Mag Freestyle (HiphopDX)