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The Maine – “Roses” (Outkast Cover)
August 16
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As part of Billboard’s Monday Mashup series, pop-punk band The Maine cover Outkast’s “Roses”. It’s not uncommon nowadays to find accoustic/band covers of songs across many genres, but The Maine do this song justice and take the cover beyond just a cliché. They bring a Southern rock vibe to “Roses”, thanks in large part to the lead singer’s twangy vocals. The great thing about these slowed down covers of hit songs is that even though you might have heard the song a billion times, you’re able to better appreciate the poetry in the lyricism. I’m not big on pop-punk so I’ll take a pass on The Maine, but props for this rendition of a modern-day classic.

Download: The Maine – “Roses” (Outkast Cover)