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September 10
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No Ocho Cinco for Chad
September 9
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Now from the WTF? file, I have been meaning to comment on this since he officially changed his name. This weekend we found out that Chad Ochocinco (apparently the official spelling is one word instead of two), formerly Chad Johnson, of the Cincinatti Bengals will not be allowed to change the name on the back of his jersey to Ochocinco. This is all due to Reebok who owns the rights to the apparently 100,000 (I call bullshit on that number) “C. Johnson” jerseys that are out there and will not change the name on the jersey until after this season. So Chad must go on wearing his old name on his jersey until next year when “Ochocinco” jerseys will officially become available.

Man this guy cracks me up, after going through the publicity stunt of changing your name in a poor translation attempt to match your number (85 is ochenta y cinco, his name just says eight five) you aren’t even able to wear your name on your own jersey. He was given the opportunity to buy back all his old jerseys for the price it cost to manufacture them, $48/jersey, which would be $4.8 million out of his own pocket to make his new jerseys available this season. I really hope he pays it, that should be his tax for being such a media whore.

Check out the full article here.