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Gangrene (Alchemist x Oh No) – “Chain Swinging”
July 28
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When I couldn’t find a picture of Alchemist and Oh No, I searched up Gangrene on Google Images. Suffice to say, bad call on my part. Instead, here’s a stock photo of Alchemist so it’s a compromise. Oh No is Madlib’s brother and as Gangrene, him and Alchemist will be dropping an album entitled Gutter Water October 12. Production is huge for me so when I read Alchemist and Madlib in the same post, I had to jump on it and see what was it about. This is honestly one of the best beats I’ve heard all year and that’s not just based off of first impressions. The world sound is reminiscent of Madlib’s Beat Konducta In India series which spawned a bunch of great backdrops for songs off of Mos Def’s The Ecstatic. “Chain Swinging” also delivers highly on a lyrical plane, bringing that undergound/Stones Throw sound. Check the tracklist for Gutter Water after the jump, which has a nice guest line-up.

Download: Gangrene – “Chain Swinging”

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