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Daniel Merriweather ft. Wale – “Change” (Live on Jimmy Fallon)
July 16
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The other night on Jimmy Fallon, Wale joined his Allido labelmate Daniel Merriweather to perform “Change”. I wasn’t crazy over this song when I first heard it but this live performance made me want to go and relisten and reevalutate. Dont you like when a live performance makes you appreciate an artist or song more? It also doesn’t hurt to have the Roots backing you up, but everyone gets that on Jimmy’s show, those lucky bastards. Daniel has come a long way since I first heard him and he is big in the UK so expect big things in the States soon.

Daniel Merriweather ft. Wale – “Change” (Video)
December 19
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Daniel Merriweather’s new video “Change” features Allido labelmate Wale and the song is one of my favorites by him so far. The beat is dope and sounds like a Mark Ronson beat with the old school R&B horn stabs and bass in the chorus. During the verses the beat switches up and also has a really cool piano loop that I liked. The video is simple, it looks like he is traveling around different places singing on the tops of cars which I don’t get, but whatever.

Freeway – “Change” (Video)
November 4
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Freeway puts it down with a video for Obama. There is nothing too crazy with the video prodcution but definitely pay attention to the lyrics. He talks about some serious stuff in the verses and even the chorus. Again go vote if you haven’t already!

Joy Denalane ft. Lupe Fiasco – “Change” (Video)
October 15
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Obama and Joy – Change from John Mc Kinsey on Vimeo.

This is a cool, positive video promoting Obama. The lyrics are about our current situation in America and throughout the video there are clips of Obama speeches. Lupe put it best in the video when he said, “There’s so much happening, that it ain’t gone get fixed with singing and rapping, we gotta take action.” Well said my man.