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Lil Wayne ft. Eminem – “Drop The World” (Video)
March 8
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Instead of going to jail Lil Wayne has decided to drop videos on us and this time it’s his single with Eminem off of the Rebirth album. I am not a big Wayne fan myself and his verses don’t really do it for me but Eminem gives us a good one although it doesn’t top his verse in “Forever”. The video is directed by Chris Robinson and follows the same post-apocalyptic, world in chaos which is run by gangs theme that is almost every video that Rihanna is in now and I was half expecting her to pop up in the video haha. Rebirth is out now if you are into to that sort of thing.

T.I. ft. Justin Timberlake – “Dead & Gone” (Video)
February 18
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Following up his great live performance at the Grammys with Justin Timberlake, T.I. drops the Chris Robinson directed video for the single the two sang called “Dead & Gone”. The song was written in memory of T.I.’s best friend who was murdered a couple years ago and represents how it changed his life forever. Even though this wasn’t a huge budget video, it is still good to see a bigger budget one every now and again that is simple and and represents the song well. The plot of the kid in the fight and T.I. and JT meeting at a crossroads is pretty original and I also like the fade away at the end of T.I. walking into a prison. The worst thing about it is we have to play it on these damn MTV players haha!

Wale – “Nike Boots” (Video)
December 2
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Wale finally drops a video for this a long time after it’s initial release. Parts of the video were filmed at Howard Homecoming and he reps D.C. and the DMV throughout the whole video. Chris Robinson directs the video and does a real clean video, nothing crazy going on here. This is one of the best videos I have seen so far really repping D.C. to the fullest.

Wale Making the “Nike Boots” Video at Howard Homecoming
October 21
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I had no idea they were going to make a video for this song since it has been out for so long. Oh well its cool they are and I am glad that Wale put the DMV on blast with the Howard Homecoming Yardfest scenes. Chris Robinson is directing the video so you know it is a huge project and not just some quick video they will cut and post to YouTube. Anyways enjoy getting excited about the album just like I am.

Usher – “Trading Places” (Video)
October 2
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The ladies have been receiving a lot of love lately here on B&B. First a couple John Legend songs and now an Usher video. Here is Usher’s third single “Trading Places” off of his album Here I Stand. This is directed by Chris Robinson and was filmed at a house in Venice Beach. I just wish it didn’t have to be in this piece of shit Yahoo media player.