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TRP ft. Bossman – “B4lt1more” (Video)(Prod. Cookin Soul)
October 12
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Wow, this song reps B-More to the fullest and keeps it real with their shots in the video. I will be honest that I hadn’t heard of TRP before this video but they hold their own on the track and Bossman always does his thing so it is worth the listen. When people from out of town find out I’m from Maryland a popular question is always whether Baltimore is as tough a city as The Wire portrays and I think from now on I might just direct them to this video. The Cookin Soul beat is dope too, I am a sucker for piano loops and the soulful sample also adds a nice touch to the chorus.

Jay-Z vs. Oasis
August 20
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After Mark Ronson’s quote everyone saw this coming, made a mash up of Jay-Z and Oasis. It’s a pretty good mash up and is definitely worth a listen. Above is the cover and track listing and the song “Supernova Soul”, I just gave you one of the songs so you can have a little taste and see if you like it for yourselves. You can download the mixtape at