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Kid Cudi – “Wylin Cause I’m Young” feat. Kanye West
August 15
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This is off of an upcoming project entitled G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape, brought to you by Perojak. I’m not sure if it’ll be full of exclusives or just a mix of throwaways and loose ends, so we’ll just have to wait and see. To be honest, as much as I commended Cudi for Man On The Moon, I still have a nagging problem with the guy’s music. Others might think differently, but I feel that Cudder hasn’t improved much in the lyrical way of things, and his post-Man On The Moon material has flat-lined. It sounds as if he is trying to convey layers of emotion and feeling with juvenile skill. Cudi’s got all the extra creativity and ingenuity needed to stand out, but when it comes to the fundamentals, it’s lacking at times. Again though, this was probably just a loose end track that never saw the light of day, so this isn’t Cudi’s best work either. The beat however is nice and brings a spacey atmosphere that we’re used to hearing on Cudi’s songs.

Download: Kid Cudi – “Wylin Cause I’m Young” feat. Kanye West