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WYWS: MSTRKRFT – “Heartbreaker” feat. John Legend

Weekends are usually pretty slow, so I might as well throw in another “While You Were Sleeping” post. MSTRKRFT (pronounced “master-craft”) are a DJ duo from Toronto, consisting of Al-P and Jesse Keeler, whom you’d know if you were familiar with the band Death From Above 1979. They have an electro vibe that is very similar to that of French duo Justice, who might be releasing another album this year. Heartbreaker is off of MSTRKRFT’s most recent album, Fist Of Gold, which also features N.O.R.E. of CNN. Hip-hop and electro/house music complement each other much better than most would assume, which makes perfect sense since hip-hop started at the parties (and not in the streets as kids these days are so quick to think). MSTRKRFT and their musical niche will only be getting bigger as time moves on, so jump on it before everyone else does.