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SonReal – “Dr. Dumb It Down” feat. Tona (Video)
December 2
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Since Corey has got a little “B&B-approved” theme going on with the posts today, I’m going to stay in that vein and dig up something that dropped earlier this week featuring Tona. Tona might not be officially affiliated with the site, but both Corey and I have shown much love for the guy’s music in the past. Vancouver’s SonReal lets loose this song off of his upcoming Where’s Waldo project, and you can grab it as a dirty, clean, a cappella, or instrumental track after the jump.  “Dr. Dumb It Down” is about rappers who rap about nothing, which is a much-needed concept for the blog age. Don’t get me wrong, I love “mixtape rap” as much as the next guy, but sometimes it comes across as talking without saying anything. Both SonReal and Tona come correct, and SonReal brings a West coast vibe to the Superville beat, even if his West coast is more mountains and forests than sunny beaches.

I hope I’m not boring y’all rapping ’bout rap / But the only thing I love more than rapping is napping / And I know nobody wanna hear me rappin’ ’bout that / You want the underdog spitting on the track.


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