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“Thank Me Later” First Week Sales: What Do They Mean?
June 22
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According to HitsDailyDouble, Drake’s TML first-week haul docks in at around 463K. So what does that mean in the grand scheme of things? Drake said that he’d be extremely happy if he pushed 400K units, so it looks like he’ll be content with the sales. But for an album that was hyped to being everything just short of hip-hop’s gift from God, does that number translate into a success or a flop? To really evaluate the situation, you’ve got to look at several key points and lessons learned.

First and foremost, as an ambassador of the Great White North and more specifically Toronto, Drake pulled through. For a city with a hip-hop history almost as long as NYC’s, it was incredible to see people finally coming together for one of their one artists. Sure, Choclair and the rest of the megacity vets are household names for hip-hop fans who reside here. But this is the first time I can recall music fans of all levels and ages flocking to CD stores to cop a home-grown product. For making this city that much less screwface, Drake wins on the home front. You can also mark TML  as a success nationally for breaking platinum in a week (even though Canadian platinum means 80K…go ahead and laugh).

(continued after the jump)

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Weekend Catch-Up
June 6
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I’m not a fan of these kind of multi-posts since it means not being able to give as  much attention to each song/piece of news, but this will save my ass time-wise so here you go.

 First order of business is some good news by way of Toronto singer/rapper/songwriter/producer, k-os. After several albums, he will be dropping his first mixtape, The Anchorman Mixtape, July 23rd. Word is the tape will be for the most part strictly spitting, and there will be a Drake collabo on it. Let’s hope this tape won’t go the way of Jay Electronica’s Act II or Ski Beatz’s 24 Hour Karate School. Spotted @ CityOnMyBack.

New music from Big Boi, Diggy, Cee-Lo and Wale after the jump.

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Drake – “Shut It Down” feat. The-Dream [CDQ]
May 28
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The worst part about posting tracks from a major upcoming project is not having to spoil the surprise by listening to them pre-release date, but having to post 1001 different manifestations of the same damn song. The progression from radio rips and snippets to CDQ versions is obviously part of the big plan: you can increase the time your name spends at the top of a major site by having each song posted about 3 times each. The tough thing about leaks for an artist is that you can embrace them and ride the publicity wave at the cost of more potential bootleggers, or you can crack down on them at the cost of not having much to keep the public’s attention during the lead-up to a major release. This version of “Shut It Down” comes equipped with some mellow, slow-tempo spitting from Jimmy, which is a forte of his. I’m still not feeling the autotuning, but it is what it is.

Download: Drake – “Shut It Down” feat. The-Dream [CDQ]

Drake & The Roots Tracklistings x Drake – “9 AM In Dallas”
May 20
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With TML dropping on the 15th,  How I Got Over on the 22nd, June is shaping up to be a fine month for albums. And with Eminem, Blu, Shad, Lupe and others all planning to release albums by year’s end, if you don’t cop at least one CD this year, then there is definitely something wrong with you. After the break are the tracklistings for both albums, with features stated. I’m probably not the only one who feels a bit disappointed that How I Got Over will only be 9 tracks long, but anything new from the house of ?uest and Thought is alright with me. EDIT: ?uestlove cleared things up and said that this will actually be The Roots’ 11th album, and as such there will be 11 tracks (tracklist updated after the jump). Technically, this will be the 9th album from the Legendary Roots Crew to feature new material, but when you count their ’99 live CD and their 2-volume compilation set, then How I Got Over would indeed be number eleven.

 Also after the jump, grab Drake’s “9 AM In Dallas”, which he wrote today at, well, 9 AM in Dallas. I don’t feel like writing another Drake post, which is why I’m just shoving it into this post. Jimmy shut it down on this one, so check it out.

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Drake – “Miss Me” feat. Lil Wayne [Full, Radio Rip]
May 19
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In terms of the tracks off TML that the public has been given a taste of, this one seems to be getting the most people excited. As stated above in the header, although we finally get to hear the song in its entirety, there’s still radio DJ banter on top of the track, but not so much that it makes “Miss Me” impossible to listen to. It’s going to be interesting to see how this album sells. On one hand, there’s the ridiculous hype for Drake, which we all by now know about. On the other, although that hype has translated into critical acclaim and buzz within the hip-hop realm, he still hasn’t found that smash single yet to give him a chance at breaking platinum with Thank Me Later. We’ll see what happens when this finally drops June 15.

Download: Drake – “Miss Me” feat. Lil Wayne [Full, Radio Rip] 

Drake – “Miss Me” feat. Lil Wayne (Prod. Boi 1-da) (Tagged)
April 17
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drake far from over

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I have a feeling this might not actually be the “Miss Me” Drake was talking about in interviews a few days ago, but that’s what it’s being sold as. This will be off of TML, in full and free of tags. There’s no Carter verse on this version, but Drake does hold his own regardless. It’s hard not to see the hate being directed at Drake from seemingly everyone, but it’s dumb not to have expected any different with a personality like Drake’s and such a quick rise up the ranks. All that matters to me is that I as a fan enjoy it and that Toronto will wake the fuck up and support it. Boi-1da continues to work his magic behind the boards and delivers yet another dope beat. In terms of TML tracks that have been heard in whole or partially, I’d rank this second, between “Fireworks” above and “Shut It Down” in third.

Download: Drake – “Miss Me” feat. Lil Wayne (Prod. Boi 1-da) (Tagged)

Drake – “Shut It Down” feat. The-Dream (No Tags)
March 21
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drake 2

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Some time ago, word was going around that this was going to be the first single off of Thank Me Later. This seems more like a single than “Over” to me, so who knows, maybe this song will get a big push before the album drops. This one’s a slow jam a la “Brand New”, which is sure to get the ladies excited. I’m feeling this myself, even though it would’ve sounded cleaner with less autotune. It’s not like Drake needs it that badly either; listen to Brand New, which is at least a year old by now, and you can hear that Drake really doesn’t need to depend that much on pitch correction. Pet peeves aside, it’s a nice little piece of R&B that you and especially your girl will enjoy. Download and also listen to “Brand New” after the jump.

EDIT: According to Ty Harper of Flow 93.5’s “OTA Live”, the pitch bend sections actually indicate whole sections of the song that have been left out on purpose so as to not give the whole thing away. Sneaky, sneaky…

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B.o.B – “I Don’t Know Ya”
March 14
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Bobby goes in on Drake’s “Over” and drops something quick. Save for the crappy sound quality on the hook and the fact that he doesn’t have the low register in his voice to sing it well, it’s pretty good. B.o.B focusses on the fakes in his life now that he’s well-known and does a nice job of going hard with the content. It’s not really worth a download, but I’ll throw up the link anyways in case anyone is interested.

Download: B.o.B – “I Don’t Know Ya”

K’naan – “Wavin’ Flag” feat. Canada (Young Artists For Haiti Mix)
March 12
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K’naan has gotten together some of Canada’s finest in music to produce a new mix of his mega hit “Wavin Flag” in order to raise funds and awareness for Haiti. It’s not bias when I say this is far superior to the “We Are The World” remake for Haiti. Listen to them both and honestly tell me which one is better. “Wavin Flag” sounds appropriate, inspiring, and not as corny as “We Are The World” (though granted, it’s still kind of corny). Yes, the song does run into the same problem of voice blending that World encountered, and yes, unless you’re Canadian you won’t recognize half of the artists in this song, but it’s still a song I encourage everyone to take a listen to. Some of the artists in this line-up include K’naan of course, Kardinal, Metric’s Emily Haines, Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard, Avril Lavigne, Jully Black, and Sam Roberts.

The two most outstanding moments in the song were Drake’s section and Bieber’s outro. Instead of having a mass of rappers laboriously laying down a half-hearted verse, the song opted for quantity over quality and left it all to Drake to spit a really sincere verse about how just because the devastation in Haiti might not be a “hot story” any more in the news, we have to place ourselves in their shoes and not forget that the relief effort is far from over. I also applaud whoever thought of getting Bieber to sing the chorus lines “When I get older / I will be stronger…” at the end because that was well thought of. Call that Justin’s reconciliation for that cringe-inducing intro he sang on “We Are The World”.

Anyways, this is getting really lengthy (blame it on the patriotism), so just enjoy the song.

Buy the song off iTunes here.

Drake – “Over”
March 4
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drake over

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Considering that So Far Gone dropped fashionably late on its release date, I’m pleasantly surprised that this dropped before the midnight deadline. It goes without saying that I’m looking forward to Thank Me Later, especially since it’ll be my home city’s next big opportunity to really break through. Whatever happens with the album though, I’ll continue to stand behind Drake due to his contribution to the Toronto scene. Home-town bias aside, “Over” is for sure a promising first buzz track. The Boi-1da beat, as tight as it is with the strings and the snares, might not connect well with mainstream radio, but it will for sure be on high rotation at your local hip-hop radio station some time soon. Lyrically, Drake delivers with his usual style, and I’m glad to hear that he’s staying true to his Comeback Season/So Far Gone flow as opposed to conforming to Wayne’s style. Thank him later.

Download: Drake – “Over”