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Kidz In The Hall, 88-Keys, Donnis & Izza Kizza – “Crowd Control”
March 2
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This is a cool concept and I decided to highlight it by putting it up on B&B. These four acts are going on tour together and as promotion for it they have all teamed together to create a new single. I have listened to all of these artists at some point except Donnis and the song is pretty cohesive considering all the artists because usually these type of songs have a “too many cook in the kitchen” feel but I never got the feeling from this track. Grab the download and tour dates below the break.

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Donny Goines ft. Izza Kizza – “She Likes” (Video) (Prod. Apple Juice Kid)
July 10
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Donny unleashes a video for this song off of his free album The Breakfast Club. The beat is by the Apple Juice Kid and is smooth, I don’t know what it is but I have been feeling the smooth AJK beats lately like this and the bonus track “Afterglow” from the Freebass 808 mixfilm Moonbass. The video, directed by Court Dunn, keeps it simple with 3 shots at all times and a rotating cast of Donny, Izza and some lovely ladies. Click the album name above to download it if you haven’t already, I am still playing tracks from it. Shouts to 2DBz for the vid.