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Weekly RAP up
October 24
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Enjoy the weekend kiddos…


QP – “Jockin’ QB” Freestyle (Jam of the week)

Throwback Jam of the Week – Melle Mel “White Lines” (Throwback Jam)

Apple Juice Kid Miles Remixed Album (Apple Juice Kid – Producer of the week)

Kanye West – “Heartless” (Mastered) (Kanye’s #2 Single)


New ‘Notorious’ Trailer (The Rap Up)

D.M. interviews Chicago Bears receiver, Brandon Lloyd (HiphopRuckus)

Hip-Hop Rumors: More Sexy 50 Cent Model Potentials  (Allhiphop)

The White Rapper Show’s Jus Rhyme Forms AntiRacist 15 (HiphopDX)

October 22
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Busta Rhymes Opens up on Aftermath Exit (The Rap Up)

Winner of the DJ Wonder & HipHopRuckus.com MC Competition (HiphopRuckus)

50 Cent’s “Before I Self Destruct” is coming… (Str8nyc)

Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreaks Track List, New Album Out In June (Defsounds)

Bump it or Blow it: Jay Rock feat Lil Wayne (Allhiphop)

Stat Quo To Release “300-400″ Unreleased Dr. Dre Tracks (HiphopDX)

October 15
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Pics: Colin Powell Busts a Move Onstage (The Rap Up)

It’s the real – Fall out day (Str8nyc)

Hip-Hop Rumors: Be 50 Cent’s Model Chick! (Allhiphop)

Kanye West Premiers 808s & Heartbreak In L.A. (HiphopDX)

Eminem – Guess who’s back (Freestyle) (2dopeboyz)

October 7
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Video: Pharrell Williams is a PC (The Rap Up)

Fonzworth Bentley “Everybody” with Kanye West and Andre 3000 (HiphopRuckus)

T.I. responds to Jim Jones diss (Str8nyc)

Diddy channels Frank Sinatra in new ad campaign (Allhiphop)

Cam’ron Album Pushed Back To ’09 (HiphopDX)

Weekly RAP up
September 26
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Enjoy the debate and the weekend kiddos…

The best of the best of the past week….

David Letterman goes off on McCain (Letterman attacks!)

Devin the Dude – High Yall Doin Ep. 5 (THE DUDE)

10 Best Beatboxers of Alltime (MouthMusicMen)

Kanye Pushes up Album Release (808 MR WEST)

Crooked I – Swagger like Crook (The Block Obama)


Kanye West Love Lockdown REMIX (Catharsis Remix) (The Rap Up)

Nelly declares Ashanti his good good (Str8nyc)


Big Boi Battles Ben Bernanke In Blender Mag Freestyle (HiphopDX)

September 22
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Diddy’s Blog “Sh*t happens” (The Rap Up)

Tom Colletti Produces Kanye West’s Love Lockdown Club Mix (HiphopRuckus)

It’s so cold in the D (Holy Taco)

Obama’s ARMY…(str8nyc)

Erick Sermon – Music (Hip Hop is read)

RUMOR MILL (Allhiphop)

Obama Campaign Officially Endorses Compilation (HiphopDX)

Weekly RAP Up
September 19
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Diddy Swaggers into a nice pile of shit… Enjoy the weekend kiddos…

The best of the best of the past week….

Our list of the week, 7 Moments when rappers just don’t give a fuck (7 moments)

GOT MYSPACE? Friend US (Got MySpace)

Nate Dogg’s 2nd stroke….In our prayers at B&B (Nate Dogg suffers second stroke)

HOYA LOVE…can’t wait to grab a pair (Gtown Air Jordans)

Joint of the week…take a listen (Wale)


Rumor mill…Rick Ross and Trick Daddy end beef (Allhiphop)

Kanye busy at work on new album (HiphopDX)

Great Pic…Diddy stepping in shit. Shout out to Str8NYC! (str8nyc)

22 Greatest performance by 2Pac (Hip Hop is read)

Political piece…Murs at the DNC (2dopeboyz)

Chamillionaire and Trae Join Hurricane Ike Relief Efforts (The Rap Up)

7 Moments When Rappers Just Didn’t Give a Fuck
September 17
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Whether it’s because they’re rich enough to not care what people think or because they are just so badass that the normal lines of behavior don’t exist for them, no matter the reason the fact is some of the biggest names in hip-hop just don’t give a fuck. It’s true that guys like Eminem, ODB, and Public Enemy probably belong on this list but the artists we’ve singled out don’t mind being themselves in public with a camera on them. That’s really what makes these guys the 7 rappers who just don’t give a fuck.

7. DMX Drops The F Bomb in Court

You can take the rapper out of the hood but sometimes you just can’t take the hood out the rapper. I would have to say that goes double for DMX. In the same time that he put out 6 hit albums he managed to get arrested for a litany of acts including drug possession, animal cruelty, reckless driving, driving without a license while possessing marijuana, parole violation and my personal favorite falsely identifying himself as an FBI agent during a parking lot robbery at JFK airport. Clearly DMX does not give a fuck that he is one of the biggest rappers in the game with millions of dollars in the bank (we assume) and legions of fans. The greatest thing about DMX is that even when he gets caught and has to impress a judge to win freedom he proceeds to drop the f bomb in front of an entire courtroom.

6. Puff Daddy Pisses For Millions of Youtube Fans

Last I heard, Puff Daddy is worth over $300 million. With that kind of cash he can and should do whatever he wants without caring what anyone says. Throw massive parties, pour out bottles of Crystal, complain to the world about the tragedy of rising fuel costs forcing you to skip the private jet and fly commercial. Even make a youtube video about how much you enjoy peeing. Cause he can’t stop, and he won’t stop.

5. Busta Rhymes Needs to Shit

Busta Rhymes Owns Stupid British Woman – Watch more free videos

Being a rap star comes with a price, you’re always in the public eye, everywhere you go people will demand you take a thousand pictures and sign autographs for hours. That sounds like it might be fun, except when you’ve been working all day and need to take a massive dump. That’s why I love Busta Rhymes. Most people would make up an excuse or pretend they didn’t hear the fans begging for attention…but not Busta. He confronts these winey bitches head on and makes them look absolutely stupid.

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September 16
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Joe Budden’s album has a setback (HiphopDX)

Rumor Mill…Kanye remixes Love lockdown (Allhiphop)

John Legend “It’s Over” (2dopeboyz)

Killer Mike “The Devil is a lie” (Element 9)

Hip hop honey…Esther Baxter (Holy Taco)

Shout out… (Donny Goines)

September 15
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50 goes after Kanye (Allhiphop)

Nate Dogg has second stroke (HiphopDX)

Travis Barker and DJ AM (Element 9)

Young Life article (2dopeboyz)