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Kidz In The Hall – “Le Tour De Loisirs Professionelle” (Mixtape)
December 9
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This is now at least a few days late but it still deserves a post. Le Tour De Loisirs Professionelle (i.e. The Professional Leisure Tour), is the latest free EP (i.e. mixtape) from the Kidz. Naledge and Double-0 needed a buzz-builder for their upcoming album Land Of Make Believe, and what better way to do just that than to drop some free music? I must admit that I frequently overlook these guys seeing as I’m not that big on the whole “hipster-hop” sub-genre with the exception of The Cool Kids. Although the inner nerd in me is irritated by the improper French usage (it should be “Professionels”…just saying), this tape seems like it’s worth a listen.

Download: Kidz In The Hall – Le Tour De Loisirs Professionelle