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Smoke Dza ft. Devin the Dude, Curren$y & June Summers – “Marley & Me” (Remix)
January 12
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Haha, finally a new verse from Devin and this picture and the name of this song are hysterical. The picture says it all if you’re wondering what the song is like, another weed anthem for all the potheads in the world. That being said, clearly the song is pretty one dimensional, I didn’t even hear too many new or clever punchlines. The overall sound though is pretty smooth and so is the beat and even though it is a Smoke Dza song, the beat sounds like it could be off of a Devin album. Best line though is “shout out to Ricky Williams and Pacman Jones”, I think Pacman is in enough trouble without being implicated as using drugs in rap songs. I also love the addition of the pitbull and rottweiler to the movie poster, that is funny stuff that they couldn’t just leave a golden a retriever puppy on there and they had to make the puppies more gangsta.