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k-os – “Joni Mitchellin’ Peeling Out” feat. Saukrates x “Faith” feat. Drake
August 11
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Fresh off the Anchorman mixtape, here are two singles that merit being checked out. One is a blog-hyped Drake collaboration, while the other is my personal favorite and what I believe to be the best track from this project. On “Faith”, Drake and k-os go in over a smooth triplet rhythm while k does a bit of crooning to help set the mood. It’s one of those songs that sounds like it would work great live, such as on Jimmy Fallon with the full Roots treatment. “Joni Mitchellin’ Peeling Out” shows both k-os and Saukrates dominating over a beat that has your head nodding from the get-go with its rhythm guitar and horns. Both rappers own the track, but it’s worth pointing out that k-os brings an amazing flow that supports the loose poetics of his verse. As Sauks would say, it’s flyer than helium.

Download: k-os: “Joni Mitchellin’ Peeling Out” feat. Saukrates x “Faith” feat. Drake