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While You Were Sleeping: Nujabes – “Feather”
November 9
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 Recently Corey posted “Jackin’ My Fresh” by Black Noise, a group from South Africa, and now I’m inspired to throw up something international of my own. Nujabes is a producer/DJ from Japan who has been on the scene for a little while now, who lists under his accomplishments being a main contributor for the music of the highly successful hip-hop-influenced anime show, Samurai Champloo (side note: Samurai Champloo fused anime with hip-hop three years before Afro Samurai did).  He has a very mellow sound to his beats, utilizing jazz elements and softer instruments like piano and acoustic guitar. Though some might write off his beats as too tame, they definitely draw you in with their vivid warmth and colour. This is a guy who I’d love to see produce for someone like Lupe or Common. Unfortunately Nujabes is not on iTunes, so hit up youtube if you’re interested in more.