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Fresh Daily – “Feel M E” (Video)
August 18
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These are some quick visuals for the song off of Mothership/L A N D.

This video was shot completely spontaneously while on set for my video with The Two Hungry Bros featuring 8thw1, Fresh Daily and P.So. We nailed it in one take and 15 minutes worth of our time.

Directed by Nicolas Heller
VFX by Brian Dohn

Music by Fresh Daily (Prod. by DEVONWHO)

Grab the mixtape by clicking on the link above, it is VERY underrated.

Fresh Daily – “In The Stuy” (Video)
August 10
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I love these summer videos and songs that almost make me forget that 90% of the days so far this summer in NYC have been over 90 degrees.

“This was shot in my Bed-Stuy brownstone home & around the way in Bed-Stuy/Ft. Greene, Brooklyn NY.
Oftentimes, you may find yourself reminiscing about someone you dig while out for a corner store run or walk. Summertime in the hood is swell, folks.”

I haven’t made it all the way through the Mothership/L A N D tape yet but the first half was dope. Shout out to Bed-Stuy and the people I know out there, you all know who you are.

Fresh Daily – Mothership/L A N D Mixtape
August 4
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Fresh worked on this mixtape for a while and finally gives us his first release since his album, The Gorgeous Killer in Crimes of Passion.

This is an amalgam of many things. Us as a people, black people, the Diaspora, how we relate to each other in relationships & socially. All in all we’ve been built and programmed to have shoddy social/love relationships as a result of slavery and years of conditioning to break down our culture and heritage. They’ve failed. We’re WOKE with knowledge of self. We’re Young, Gifted and Black. Also just a personal dissertation & exploration on my relationships w/ lovers, friends & family. Also a celebration of women & the life cycle of sorts. We as men come out of a woman (our Mother) enter a woman again (our wives/lovers) and return to mother EARTH in death. Plus it’s just a spaced-out, low-end mixtape composed of dope jams. The mothership is here to expand how you think and take you somewhere else via audio rhythms.

Fresh’s new tape and new music from Wale & Nickelus F you all should be good to go with good music for at least a day haha. Grab the tracklist and download link below the break.

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