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Eminem ft. Lil Wayne – “No Love” (Video)
September 30
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It must be nice having a big budget for videos because Eminem continually keeps putting out these mini movies that other artists would kill to get 1/8th the budget for their videos. “No Love” was one of my favorite songs off of Recovery even though Weezy is on it and isn’t my favorite but I will attribute it to the Haddaway sample (or Night at the Roxbury) which had me laughing the first time I heard it. The video focuses on a Lil Wayne and Eminem obsessed child who gets bullied at school and then takes matters into his own hands once he reaches a breaking point and goes off on his bullies. If you still haven’t gotten Recovery I have to ask, what the hell have you been waiting for?

J-Scrilla ft. K-Beta, XO, Oddisee, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, Judah & T.E.F.L.O.N. – “No Love”
November 5
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I need to take a break after typing out that title, it easily wins for longest title of the year. Seriously though, it is time to play a little bit of catch up. I didn’t have the opportunity to post at all this morning due to a long night celebrating my birthday but now is the time to make up for it. This song is off of J-Scrilla’s Culture of Honor album so get it if you support the DMV movement because this song alone is bringing half of the artists haha.

J-$crilla ft. Oddisee, XO, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, Teflon & K-Beta – “No Love”
September 21
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Sadly, I don’t have enough time with my job and other responsibilities to post everything I want to on this site and many a song and project slip through the cracks here. This happens to be one of those projects and thanks to DJBooth I was able to catch this song and now have the honor of posting it for the masses. As you all know, I am from the DMV and do my best to rep their artists on here and I honestly can’t think of a better track that does that then this one.  J-Scrilla is a producer from the area who has worked with a lot of the artists on the scene (as evidenced by this song alone) and he recently released his tape Culture of Honor with a ton of them on there and you should definitely check it out, especially if you are into the whole DMV movement.