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XO – One One Ten Mixtape
January 4
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OK we are all back from our holiday fun and it is time to start the New Year off right with the appropriately titled mixtape One One Ten. XO had one hell of a year last year and if the Diamond District member keeps his buzz going this very well could be the year he gets signed to a major. I haven’t had a chance to check out all the tracks on the tape yet but seeing Oddisee and AB the Producer handling the bulk of the production duties makes me psyched to throw it in on and give it a good listen. As always, grab the link and the tracklist below the break.

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The Recap: Album Of The Year
December 22
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Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

This was not an easy choice. I was struggling between this and Mos Def’s The Ecstatic for weeks, but ultimately, I felt that Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon: The End Of Day was the more complete album. Presented as a mini-movie with its division into acts, narration by Common, and movie poster included with the CD, this album took the listener on a trip through Cudder’s mind. Not much straight rapping is actually done on the album (only a few tracks have verses that are solely rapped), but it still felt like hip-hop. Man On The Moon is so far the greatest work expressing the new school of thought in hip-hop, which proves that the genre is not defined as songs performed through rapping just as rock is not defined as songs with guitars. The production on this album was fantastic and it works well with the concept of a voyage through the mind. All that being said, Kid Cudi doesn’t let the album get weighed down by deep, heavy tracks and keeps it all in check with the inclusion of some more light-hearted songs like “Make Her Say” and “Pursuit Of Happiness”. Is Cudi a lyrical maestro? Absoulutely not. But this only makes me eager to see what he’ll be able to achieve once he becomes a more developed artist. 

See which albums made the list of honorable mentions after the jump.

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J-Scrilla ft. K-Beta, XO, Oddisee, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, Judah & T.E.F.L.O.N. – “No Love”
November 5
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I need to take a break after typing out that title, it easily wins for longest title of the year. Seriously though, it is time to play a little bit of catch up. I didn’t have the opportunity to post at all this morning due to a long night celebrating my birthday but now is the time to make up for it. This song is off of J-Scrilla’s Culture of Honor album so get it if you support the DMV movement because this song alone is bringing half of the artists haha.

Oddisee Talks About the DMV Scene
November 2
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This is a topic of conversation for anyone who is from the area and also something I have attempted to explain outsiders but I think Oddisee breaks it down better than I ever did. Being in the middle of the North and South gives the area a unique sound and I’m glad artists are recognizing their ability to create something different for ourselves in the DMV. Below the break check him and YU talking about their single for Diamond District called “I Mean Business”. Shouts to NodFactor for the interview, now go cop that album.

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Oddisee – Odd Autumn Mixtape
October 19
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This instrumental tape by Oddisee comes just in time as the weather is starting to turn cold up here and a week or so before his group, Diamond District, drop their album In the Ruff.

Long-time contributor and friend of PMOI Oddisee gave us the second installment of his seasonal instrumental playlist series “Odd Autumn” today. Known for the diversity of his production style, Oddisee has been making music with collaborators all over the world this year, and we think this album is a great example of his eclectic yet always soulful palette. After the huge success of Odd Summer, we hope you enjoy the soundtrack to fall, “Odd Autumn”; which we imagine you’ll follow up with the official release of “In The Ruff” by Oddisee’s group Diamond District, set for release October 27th on Mello Music & is currently featuring on Rolling Stone’s Hype Monitor.

Shouts to PMOI for the tape! Grab the download and tracklist below the break.

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Diamond District – Diamond Exchange Mixtape
October 16
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In preparation for their upcoming album, In the Ruff, the DMV trio release this mixtape.

Gearing up for their October 27th release of In The Ruff, DMV’s Diamond District is leaking a twelve-track mixtape compiled by DJ Buddy. Featuring four songs from the upcoming album along with a mix of each of the group member’s solo work, these tracks all come together to comprise the Diamond Exchange Mixtape with all of the tracks laced together seamlessly with cuts and transitions courtesy of DJ Buddy, who states, “I mulled it over with my mom and we decided Diamond District is the definitive hip-hop group of today.” Returning the compliment, group producer/emcee, Oddisee, speaks highly of DJ Buddy and his involvement in putting the mixtape together, saying, “DJ buddy is great and in all honesty this mixtape is all him. He’s an actually fan and supporter of our music and movement. The mixtape was actually DJ Buddy’s idea and he presented the idea to us. We’re fans of a lot of his remixes, so it was in honor to be included in his series.” Each of the tracks throws the spotlight onto one of the group’s members, letting them each showcase their talent, including the track “In the Jungle,” which features a purely instrumental performance by Oddisee. Although a pre-album mixtape, don’t let it throw you that a handful of these songs are not on the album – not one of them lacks in the high quality production or deft lyrics that the group has become known for.

Yep, it is a DMV classic already. Yeah, I just said that! Grab the link below the break.

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Diamond District – In The Ruff (Album) (Pre-Order Now)
October 2
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Diamond District Front

OK so I don’t normally do this and really don’t expect to do this more often after this, but you really need to pre-order this album. I have no affiliation with anyone on this album except for the fact that it could be is one of my favorite albums of the year. No bullshit, this and Kid Cudi’s album are the top two albums I have listened to this year. Oddisee, XO and Yu bring some of the realest hip-hop I have heard from the DMV ever and it is a must cop on this Oct. 27th. The beats, the rhymes, everything just give us (the DMV) such an identity to strive for and they just get everything about hip-hop right. I could go on but I won’t, you need this album! Grab the tracklist below the break.

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J-$crilla ft. Oddisee, XO, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, Teflon & K-Beta – “No Love”
September 21
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Sadly, I don’t have enough time with my job and other responsibilities to post everything I want to on this site and many a song and project slip through the cracks here. This happens to be one of those projects and thanks to DJBooth I was able to catch this song and now have the honor of posting it for the masses. As you all know, I am from the DMV and do my best to rep their artists on here and I honestly can’t think of a better track that does that then this one.  J-Scrilla is a producer from the area who has worked with a lot of the artists on the scene (as evidenced by this song alone) and he recently released his tape Culture of Honor with a ton of them on there and you should definitely check it out, especially if you are into the whole DMV movement.

Oddisee – “We On To Something”
July 31
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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Oddisee is one of my favorite producers and he always has some real shit to say in his rhymes too. This song is about how the DMV area is “on to something”, and if we continue the way we have been we will be on to something big. The beat for this song is real soulful with the sample and the old school drum beat. He then proceeds in his rhymes to call out just about everyone who he is affiliated with and pretty much the whole DMV. This song is off of the FWMJ’s Rappers I Know x Funkadelic Freestyles Volume 1: The Off Season releasing August 4th, go get it!

Download: Oddisee – “We On To Something”

Black Thought x Oddisee x CurT@!n$ (Video)
May 28
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I’m really pissed I haven’t made it to one of these yet. Here is what OkayPlayer had to say about their video.

Last night The Roots crew did their thing (as always) for The Jam @ Highline Ballroom NYC. Some of the guests that graced the stage included Amanda Diva, Estelle, Skillz, Oddisee, CurT@!n$, Casey Benjamin, Binky (from The Dap Kings), Chuck Treece, and more. I got on stage to film this clip of Black Thought, Oddisee, and CurT@!n$ exchanging verses over the “Get Busy” beat. Pardon the sound quality, I was a lil’ too close to the speaker.

Check The Roots out on Tuesday in NYC at Highline Ballroom for their next Jam session.