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Pac Div – “Shut Up” feat. The Cool Kids (Video)
March 18
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Seeing as how similar their sounds are, it was inevitable that a hot Pacific Division and Cool Kids collabo would pop up eventually. The Cool Kids are the nicest duo to come out in some time; they’ve got dope lyrics, rock a unique style and go on some of the most monstrous beats courtesy of Chuck Inglish. Pac Div….well, they’re good and all, but it feels like they ride Chuck and Mikey’s coat-tails with their sound and style. Ah, sue me. That being said, “Shut Up” is a dope track with some mean lines (” ‘Bout to bubble like peroxide landin’ in a cut”) and a heavy beat. The video complements the song’s confidence and the first verse being lip-synched by the ladies was a nice touch that added to the grit.