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2 Hungry Bros. ft. 8thW1, P.SO & Fresh Daily – “Can’t Win ‘Em All” (Video)
August 26
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The AOK stays on their grind with the videos, each day there seems to be a new one.

AOK Collective has been banging out a series of music and videos lately for your listening and viewing pleasure! Nicolas Heller brings us his latest masterpiece, “Can’t Win ‘Em All” from the 2 Hungry Bros. Album, “No Room For Dessert” featuring 8thw1, P.SO, Fresh Daily, and Homeboy Sandman on the hook. This video is a classic! ENJOY!

I have not figured out the placement for the track but if I do I will let yall know.

P.SO ft. 8thW1 – “The Colo(u)r of Dreams” (Video)
August 19
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We’re going to keep it in the AOK Collective family with the first visuals off of P.SO’s highly anticipated mixtape Suicide By Jellyfish.

“The First Video from the Highly anticipated digital project, “Suicide By Jellyfish.” Yearning to try something different yet simple, P.SO the Earth Tone King spent two months capturing random clips of video from his day to day life. The video is more like a collection of snapshots showcasing an independent artist on the rise. Produced by Blu (taken from “Open the Instrumental LP”). Filmed, directed and edited by P.SO the Earth Tone King.”

This video is dope and I especially love the sequence of him playing the samples off of his Guitar Hero guitar because it was awesome in concert.