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8 Crazy Nights Over at HipHopIsRead
December 15
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I don’t give full on endorsements to many sites out there but what Ivan over at HHIR is doing for Chanukah is crazy. He is releasing tons of past material of some of underground hip-hop icons, but understand I mean more than you’re probably thinking. So far he has chronicled Big L and has had 3 nights of Gangstarr downloads. Some of the downloads are promo singles, some are bootleg mixtapes and all are dope to hear if you are fans of these two acts. I am hoping he does this for more artists than those two but so far it has been dope to catch up on some of the music that I haven’t heard from them. Click the link below to check it out and all the music nerds will be as overwhelmed as I was when I first saw it.

Link: Candles & Crates on Hip Hop Is Read